Nvidia Doesn’t Even Acknowledge The Wii U Exists During CES 2014

Dylan Z of iGR reports: "Nvidia took the stage to talk about a large array of topics during CES 2014. From streaming PC games on the Shield handheld, to their brand new 92 CUDA-core Tegra K1 processor. While talking about the rising budgets and risks game publishers and developers face in today’s industry, they presented a graphic to illuminate their talking points. The basic precedence that brought this graphic to light was the dilemma developers face when trying to reach the widest audience possible."

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Burrito26a3549d ago

So? They didn't acknowledge me either.

Muffins12233549d ago

So your saying Nintendo is as relevant as you?You know your console is failing hard if that's true.

abzdine3549d ago

i'm sick tired of Nvidia and they stupidity towards other companies..
Nvidia shield.. LOL

DeadlyFire3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Well if you consider WiiU's GPU is about equal to Tegra K1 or only slightly stronger. If truely equal or stronger then it shouldn't have a problem running Unreal Engine 4 though now should it?

As Tegra K1 is 365 Gigaflops. WiiU has somewhere between 352-500 Gigaflops or something along those lines? Although I would expect them to brag about it if it were more powerful than WiiU as well. So its possible WiiU has more than 365 Gigaflops. Interesting.. but still low end of the market.

Irishguy953549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Nvidia's stupidity? In what way?

Some people(idiots) believe Nvidia give out statements that their hardware better than Amd's(Which it is, by a huge amount)

No they get quoted responding to questions. And articles pick out the most fanboy attractive parts for hits.

Mvidia haven't lied about anything. They've only responded with the truth. There is PR and then there is facts. Whether or not you can accept a fact is up to your inner fanboy.

ABizzel13549d ago


Wii U GPU is between 308 - 432 GFLOPS, and I agree Unreal Engine should be able to run on Wii U, unless it's coded for PC architecture.

360ICE3549d ago

Nevermind him. He's probably the creator of Ouya.

ABizzel13549d ago

2014: As far a Tegra 5 goes, yes it more powerful than the XB360 (PS3 is arguable), and Wii U should still be a bit more powerful.

2015: But Parker comes next year supposedly offer 2x the performance, which means Tegra 6 will be more powerful than the Wii U, and around half the power of the XBO at 700 - 800 GFLOPS (based on Maxwell design).

2016: If performance once again doubles Tegra 7 will be on par with the XBO (which is possible based on Volta design). That being said I don't think performance is doubling, but adding from this point forward by 400 GFLOPS, which would put Tegra just under XBO around 1.1 TFLOPS - 1.2 TFLOPS.

After this point though, it's no longer a mobile device because the power draw seems to be increase with each integration. Tegra 4 was only 2w, Tegra 5 is 5w, Tegra 6 is likely 10w, Tegra 7 would probably be 20w. Anything above 10w begins to cause high heat in mobile devices, to the point where the device is uncomfortably warm, which means Tegra 6 will likely be the peaking point for mobile Tegra, until heating / cooling / battery performance catches up, so current console should be safe from mobile technology passing them for the remainder of their life cycle (IMO 2018, is the start of new consoles, 2020 for the PS4 / XB?).

XisThatKid3549d ago

Maybe it's because the Wii U is white and all the the image is mostly in black and black appliances?

Either way it doesn't depreciate their point they're trying to make by not including Ninty console. Not to mention it's the least selling console of the three and also wouldn't apply in favor of what the message is and that's 3rd party AAA titles. Perspective needs to be applied to these situations.

ginsunuva3549d ago


Joke's on you; Ouya's creator was a woman.

IcyEyes3549d ago

... and here we have a bunch of persons who think they understand "something".

Any questions ? Anyone wants ... You ?

Hi, my name is Someonelse and I would like know what exactly these people are doing ...

Hi Someoneelse, nice to meet you. Well, I can spend a bit of time talking about these people, starting from their background, their involution, but I think this would be a waste of time for the both of us ...

hmmm ... So ?

So, I can summarize it for you a few words : they are doing ... nothing. They are just wasting time trying to show how big is their ... ego.

B ... But they ...

Exactly Someoneelse, exactly ... Their ego is pretty small.

Now if you people want to follow me I will show to you a species that is a lot more evolved that this one and I think you will like them more ... Bees!

ShinMaster3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

People need to realize that while the Wii U may be part of the new generation of consoles, chronologically, it's not next-gen tech.

Most developers when talking about next-gen engines and games almost never mention the Wii U.

Wizard_King3549d ago Show
nosferatuzodd3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Nvidia is just a sad but hurt company, they're mad because Sony Nintendo and Microsoft didn't used them this time around ,they complain about how they don't care about consoles,how they don't make any money off of it but yet they cry waaaaaa like a little bitch they are just sad I lost all respect for them, there like a pathetic girl who got dump and shes out for revenge.

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Amplitude3549d ago

...wouldn't the WiiU technically be a Shield competitor?

Wizard_King3549d ago

no... The shield streams games via your PC's Nvidia GPU over your home network.

Essentially the the shield is as good as a 660ti or better depending on your rig.

N4g_null3549d ago

The report is false. Retailers are not ordering less product, 3rd party is still going strong on wiiu in the indie scene.

This was not a tech stance it was an audience slant. Numbers wise the tablets will pass the ps4 and xbox in power, nvidia has already beat that horse and no one cares due to price.

The ps4 and xbone where listed just to get those fanboys attention. You know what it worked....

tech wise the wiiu has about everything you need to get the job done efficiently. Yet the other two fall short of what is needed for a true leap in graphics.

also nvidia knows how weak all of these consoles are. If the tesla work is to be believed then pc gaming is about to get a hige boost along with mobile units. Vr is going to get very important around that time also.

sony and ms should have listened to epic... otherwise they will have to start making better games eventually.

FriedGoat3549d ago

nobody cares about your strange case of denial. If tablets would ever come close to games consoles you know what would happen? Nothing. You cant utilise that power unless your running the damn thing off a car battery.

The future, where everyone carried ghost buster packs to power their mobile devices.

SilentNegotiator3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

"tech wise the wiiu has about everything you need to get the job done efficiently. Yet the other two fall short of what is needed for a true leap in graphics"

...wait a minute, were you being satirical that whole time? Surely no one is THAT lost.

N4g_null3549d ago

Not lost at all.... im right in the middle of it all. Unity 3d for wiiu is still in beta some cool projects are in the works also.

My hdtv has an upgradable cpu and gpu... what happens when tablets are just plugged into Tvs? What happens if steam starts supporting tablets due to the spec jump. These chips can be setup to turn off cores so that they can be used as tablets.

VR is going to be the next big thing unless greed gets in the way.

How are you going to say im in denial when its you that believes tablets cant be viable? What type of sense are you using?

Also there are power inverters for cars and vans... you can run a ps4 off of them fine. Bluetooth handles any need for buttons.... thank god for unified platforms.

Basicly what im saying is the unification is coming. We will still have consoles but tablets will start getting more ports from consoles once the power is met. The wiiu is a closed platform yet tablets are not.

Like I said the wiiu is great for next gen gaming... the spec tick isnt as bad. Certain concept will just play better on the wiiu also. The extra ram is nice if you are just going to eye candy people with more smoke, tree limbs etc. Yet the fun stuff starts at over 2-3tflops. Every thing else will be particularly prerendered due to the lack of power in all next gen systems.

This is a good thing though. More players can afford these systems. The cheaper the better, which also means that one day tesla cards will be cheaper, hell we might even have them in the gen after this.

I would opt for another gpu rather than ram right now.

also no one cares about wiiu sales or hype.... games sell the console not tech. Luckly I can port to almost all platforms now that they are up to speed... yet you should see what the true high end can do now in real time. Its very close to what an autodesk flame setup can do at 1/10 the price.

You dont have to believe me we can just wait and see... greatness does wait us doesnt it, yet its not exclusive.

This gen is going to be fun!

punisher993548d ago


"Numbers wise the tablets will pass the ps4 and xbox in power,"

Now this is the most laughable thing I have read. Even if this was true it would be irrelevant because a tablet with that kinda power would cost 4 times as much as a PS4. Look at the surface pro, the most powerful tablet their is right now, it cost a thousand bucks and more depending on storage size. Tablets will never be any kind of threat to console gaming, mainly because of the price.

SilentNegotiator3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

People don't buy tablets as home consoles and never will. They buy tablets for email, social media, and web browsing.

We already have this "unification" and these things don't exactly sell well on tablets. Vita has that sort of unification, too, but that isn't exactly going well.

"one day tesla cards will be cheaper, hell we might even have them in the gen after this"
And by then, 9th gen consoles will be out with all new hardware and all new more powerful and efficient parts. So what? Tablets next gen will be just as less powerful as this gen, apart from overheating, battery-eating, wallet-beating tablets that make up 0.0001% of the market.

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Back-to-Back3549d ago

Makes sense seeing as Nvidia is interesting in advancing computer graphics instead of side stepping like nintendo.

WiiUsauce3549d ago

It's hilarious to me that in all the Nintendo bashing you drones do, you've missed out on playing the greatest games of all time, and in my opinion THE best game of all time, Xenoblade Chronicles. Seriously, set aside your bias, this game is better than any Mario game I've played, any Zelda, Halo, God of War, Call of Duty, Metal Gear, you name it. It is that good. And the is looking to even blow the original out of the water. Keep up your bashing and hate, and you'll miss out on an utterly phenomenal video game experience.

punisher993548d ago


"THE best game of all time, Xenoblade Chronicles. Seriously, set aside your bias,"

What?! Wow. lol Well at least you did not throw "The Last Of Us" or Uncharted 2 in your rant. Because then I would have to request that you have your head examined. As good Xenoblade is, it cannot touch those 2 games. But anyway. Its not bashing, people are entitled to their own opinion, just like you and I are. :)

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LOL_WUT3549d ago ShowReplies(6)
Starbucks_Fan3549d ago

And this should be a surprise because?

BattleTorn3549d ago

I think some people are missing the fact that they did include tablets and smartphones.

Amigaengine3549d ago

Did they mention shield ?

lol of course not

Back-to-Back3549d ago

You do realize the shield is an Nvidia device. It is also a handheld device not a console.

ninjahunter3549d ago

Well, as a graphical device, wii u holds no value. So coming from a company that EXCLUSIVELY deals in graphics technology, why would they?
"Hey guys, our everything is a nice alternative in the graphics department, maybe you should give that a look."