(CES 2014) Valve Press Conference and Keynote Will Be 8pm EST

SteamFirst: It is now official; we will be hearing from the folks at Valve during CES 2014 at 8pm EST tomorrow night, January 6th.

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snake_eater2722d ago

At this point in time the only thing that we want from valve is half life 3

Plagasx2722d ago

It's all I've ever wanted... ;_;

webeblazing2722d ago

i want a new engine and a new ip thats fun, like addictive on crack addictive fun addictive fun. :-)

CapsLocke2722d ago

Who disagree, bastards? Come out and show yourself!

SteamFirst2722d ago

Half Life 3 would definitely be a huge announcement. We will see shortly.

ginsunuva2722d ago

at a hardware show?

keep dreaming

peowpeow2722d ago

Most likely steambox related. Or some VR tech

Mr Tretton2722d ago

IF HL3 were to be announced, it would be saved for E3 most likely.

LAWSON722722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I highly doubt they will have games. What I want to see is Valve getting devs onboard to start supporting Linux, because I love choices with PC gaming and as far as OS goes there is only one choice for a gamer. AS of now it seems the OS is going no where. Dont get me wrong I would love to see games, but Valve has alot that needs to be shown or else the interest in SteamOS will die down real quick

SteamFirst2722d ago

Games are a high hope. I think we may see L4D3 but Half-Life 3 is a pipe dream. time will tell and we will be here reporting the Steam / Valve greatness.

Foxhound9222722d ago

No love for portal? I want portal 3 just as much as L4D and HL3 haha

webeblazing2722d ago

please i hope not i love these games, but i want something new hl3 will be welcomed tho. im just saying i want valve to come up with something unexpected in a ip, games these days are the same mix and match not nothing really new happening. not that theres anything wrong with games, just saying guess im getting to that age.

bobsmith2722d ago

Left 4 dead 3 cause they just made 2 free like when they made portal free before they announce portal 2

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The story is too old to be commented.