Shin'en Teases New Game for Wii U

Indie powerhouse Shin'en may have something else in store for the Wii U beyond Fast Racing Neo in 2014.

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wonderfulmonkeyman3308d ago

If they've managed to net some sort of cooperative deal on one of Nintendo's bigger franchises...
I dunno how that would turn out.
Opinion time; if they did get to work on one of Nintendo's franchises, alongside another internal team, what game would everyone want to see?

I'm thinking F-Zero or Star Fox...

lilbroRx3308d ago

I dislike every aspect of logic like this. Its just as annoying as when peoile ask for a Starfox to be made by Platinum

I would rather devs work on their own original concepts. Nintendo already has extremely skilled first party developers and subsidiaries for all of their first party titles.

I would rather Shin'en continue to make its own original games and Nintendo make their own games.

wonderfulmonkeyman3308d ago

While I'd like for Nintendo to do more of their own work on their series, lets be honest; after all the delays on those titles, does Nintendo really have enough manpower to have projects running on all of those franchises at once?

BosSSyndrome3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

I would love for Starfox to be made by Platinum. Nintendo seems to have no interest in doing it, and Kamiya has stated that making Starfox is his dream. Platinum's over the top action style games could really breathe new life into Starfox, imo, just like Retro did with Metroid. A match made in heaven, I think.
Edit: To be clear, I wasnt saying I hoped Shin'en was worked with Nintendo IP, just that i disagreed with you about the Platinum Starfox.

Nodoze3307d ago

A Platinum created Starfox would be mind blowing!

Make it happen!!!!

WiiUsauce3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Theyre already making FAST Racing Neo, so I dont think they'd make an F-Zero. Bases iff an interview I read from Shin En, I don't think they'd work on a Nintendo IP. They seem content on remaining independent.

_QQ_3308d ago

So pretty much we will see it January Nintendo Direct, Guess the January Direct will be a big one again.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3308d ago

of course. It be would a great way to start Nintendo Year off with big announcements.

jholden32493308d ago

Nintendo holds big Direct in the month of January, 2013. Now everyone on the internet believes that because a big Direct was held THAT January, it's an annual thing, and Nintendo will be hosting a major Direct every January> you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Directs are random, and every one is different. Just because a major Direct HAPPENED TO FALL in the month of January last year, DOES NOT MEAN there will be a major Direct this January. The Direct last January was only due to whiny fans who were complaining about no games, despite the console only being out for 45 days. It was to shut those people up, and say "See, we have games coming, chill out". That's not the case this year.

BosSSyndrome3308d ago

Perhaps, but it would make a lot of sense to have a direct each January to give a preview of the year ahead. I think it's more likely they will than not.

weekev153308d ago

True... but we can dream.

X1PS4WiiU3308d ago

I believe Shinen said they want to create their own legendary games, so i wouldnt expect them to be working on a Nintendo IP

lilbroRx3308d ago

I hope it stays that way.

jcnba283308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

"revealed in the next weeks"

Hopefully this means there will be a Direct in January.

mohuzas3308d ago

i thought Directs were monthly?

JackieCruise693308d ago

Awesome, I guess we should be expecting some new game announcements this months direct as well.
I'm definitely pumped for another big direct like Last January's! :)

R00bot3307d ago

Yes, more footage of X please. That game looks soooo good.
Oh, and Shin'en's title. They've definitely proven themselves worthy of a purchase on their next game.

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