Microsoft, Forget Japan, You Want Korea!

The country is largely untapped. There is Nintendo, but the products are poorly distributed. Sony has a foothold, but there isn't blind brand allegiance. PC gaming rules the land. Enter Microsoft. Tae Lee, the company's global product manager, says:

Personally, I've been pushing the Korean region as one of the biggest markets for us. Per capita, a Korean spends more money on entertainment than any other country in the world. In terms of online gaming, consumers spend more money toward that.
And that means Korean gamers might very well warm up to not only the 360's games, but also the 360's micro-transactions. Japan? Meh. Korea? Cha-king!

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zypher4455d ago

are there any good Korean games/developers? the only one's i know of are Magna Carta (which wasn't all that good really), and Webzens, the people behind the now abandoned Endless Saga. are there any others?

SjaakHaas4454d ago

Webzen also produces Huxley for 360, right?

THWIP4455d ago

...which is why Korea was part of the extended worldwide launch, back in FEBRUARY.

Newsflash...China is a larger potential market than the U.S. !!

Oh wait, MS launched there already as well. :|

BIadestarX4455d ago

I think the 360 would succeed if they make more MMO; these people go crazy with them.

TheMART4454d ago

Like Huxley you mean from Webzen?

It's coming for 360 only (on consoles) and for PC

BIadestarX4454d ago

Also Marvel Universe... Keep them comming!

joemutt4454d ago

Those oriental girls do it for me every time. She can play with my joystick.

THAMMER14454d ago

The girl on the right "is" hot. If her cheeks were thicker she would look alomost just like my wife. Like an 92% copy.

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