Gamesradar reviews The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific

Philip Kollar reports:

''Developer Cauldron may have all the expertise of the History Channel backing them up, but is it any use when they clearly don't understand the evolution of their own medium? Historical accuracy notwithstanding, Battle for the Pacific stands as a laughable attempt to clone the formula of successful first-person shooters like Call of Duty.

The core problem with this game is that it betrays its own claim to realism. The History Channel moniker doesn't mean much when you're mowing down hundreds of soldiers and your squad mates are invincible. Too boring to interest an FPS fanatic and too crazy to catch the eye of history buffs, Battle for the Pacific is a bothersome lose-lose situation. The core and basic gameplay are typical first-person shooter 101. And Battle for the Pacific is completely lacking in any dramatic, Call of Duty-style set pieces. The occasional turret segment hardly breaks up the hours of demolishing waves of might-as-well-be-pop-up-target soldiers.''

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Snoozer2823815d ago

I've had 'the pleasure' of playing this, and the review is spot on.