PSM3 UK reviews NiGHTS: Into Dreams (Via Gamesradar)

Jonti Davies writes:

''Never heard of Nights? It's the game that came out on Sega Saturn in 1996, in which you, as a purple jester - the titular Nights - played through two children's vivid dreams of flight and aerial acrobatics. In tow, you had the kids themselves - Elliot and Claris - and you had to fly through all manner of dreamscapes. The game concept and style of play set Nights apart as something different 12 years ago, but it's a testament to the strength of the original recipe that, despite a slightly dodgy attempt at a sequel on Wii recently, it still feels fresh and unique. This Japan-only PS2 edition builds on the Saturn original (which is included in virtually unchanged form as an extra) by including Brand New Dream mode, which offers a version of events that has been sharpened until it beams amplified golden rays of vintage Sega glory.''

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