Catholic Website Condemns Grand Theft Auto IV

GamePolitics reports:

''And you thought the GTA IV bashing was over?

Silly you…

The Catholic Exchange has jumped into the fray, terming the hit game a "dangerous cultural low."

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Boink3819d ago

actually surprise anyone?

Will-UK3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

People try to dump all the problems onto video games especially gta IV

PSWe603819d ago

The priest are just upset that young boys are spending more time playing video games rather than going to church to get molested.

thisguywithhair3819d ago

Thank you for saying that as I couldn't think of a way of putting that very thought into words lol.

caffman3819d ago

the culture of catholic priests and choir boys

Harry1903819d ago

videogames for secularization probably.