The Relationship Between Film & Games

A unique, entertaining look at the relationship between games and films over the years.

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safeword3429d ago

Beyond: Two Souls tries to do it but fails in the gameplay aspect, if anything Last of Us does it very well.

CrossingEden3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Beyond two souls also fails in the story aspect with it's very poor characterization, extreme use of archetypical story elements, as well as just having a poor depiction of how humans interact with each other realistically. I doubt that in the modern day, that if a goth girl were to walk into a bar then the first thing that would be on EVERY guy's mind would be "mmmmm, time for RAPE." The last of us would make a decent film but definitely wouldn't be considered revolutionary by the film world, when it comes to storytelling video games are WAY behind film despite the many attempts to imitate the latter and despite the gamers themselves who would swear otherwise despite not having a good perspective on the history of revolutionary films like Pandora's box, M. I do believe however that one advantage that video games have over film is the length of time that we get to spend with the characters usually=more time for character development and characterization, something that the last of us should've taken advantage of. Less combat and more moments when the characters are conversing with each other in meaningful ways would've done wonders for the narrative. Since all of the dialogue/conversing/beautiful chill moments can be put into around 3 1/2 hours of footage and the fact that the game is between 12-15 hours long on normal difficulty means that you spend WAY more time on doing things seeing the exact same strangle animation during stealth sections than learning about these interesting albeit archetypical characters, which can make some of the time skips a little jarring because of how much history is missed between the characters.

crofterz3429d ago

@CrossingEden Some very interesting points, that's for the comment!

crofterz3429d ago

@safeword Couldn't agree more.