1UP: LittleBigPlanet Preview

At Sony's PlayStaton Day in London, an early playable version of the quirky creation game, LittleBigPlanet, went over well with the crowd. It seems to be one of those rare games all can enjoy, young and old. And online or offline, up to four people can share in the fun simultaneously.

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mustash20033911d ago

looks like heaps of fun. The whole create your own level really appeals to me:P Is it true you can import your own textures?

games4fun3911d ago

its true with a pseye you can take a picture of anything and import it over

i cant wait to make my own levels as well, i always wanted to make games but did not want to try to learn coding too much work, this seems like a fun and fair comprimise :)

DomUltra3911d ago

It's a day one purchase for me, gotta love Sony's proposition on user created content.

clintos593911d ago

This game has just as high potential to be GOTY as any other game, innovative at its finest.

CBaoth3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Looks to be a critical success as well. Now Sony needs to put this in every kiosk in every store in every region and advertise the hell out of it come October. It seems to incorporate almost every facet of Sony's next gen strategy (PS3/PSN/PSeye/Home/PSP?) and is by far the most family oriented game in the fall lineup. I look forward to playing this game with my children probably more than my PSN mates.

BTW, love the moving parts and sound effects proximity part of the moving spider example.