(CES 2014) iBuyPower’s $499 Steam Machine Is Officially Coming

SteamFirst: In only a couple of days there will be an explosion of Steam machine news coming from CES in Las Vegas. While most information is already known, what is not known is who plans on selling their own Steam machines and for what price. First one out of the game should be by iBuyPower.

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Ashunderfire862720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Wow Valve just beat Xbox One before the reveal! Man what a steal $500 dollars! And watch as I get disagrees. Man I love people lol!

I_am_Batman2720d ago

How can you say that it's a steal when most of the specs are unknown?

PeaSFor2720d ago

this is still great for pc noobs who dont own a rig yet.

Eonjay2720d ago

A little bit of research on AMD's Radeon R9 270 will reveal that this is indeed a steal.

UltimateMaster2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

It's basically a 499$ console with Intel/NVIDIA gear.
But you can upgrade you hardware.
I'm sure they'll be other more interesting Steam Machines.
Specs are better than the Xbox One.

NatureOfLogic2720d ago

This is nothing more than a starter PC gaming rig without windows OS. I doubt It'll pose any real threat against PS4 or Xbox One. Connect you gaming PC to your TV and you already have a superior version of steam box.

TheRealTedCruz2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I've been saying for a while now that the specs, which were revealed, should indeed rival PS4 performance, based on benchmarks using similar builds and games that are multiplatform, such as BF4.


Games that are origin specific and those used, primarily, to push the Xbox One are going to be few and far between.
I highly doubt it is going to be as many as to warrant your choice of wording. Anyway, I was using said title purely to give a sign of performance.

PeaSFor2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

uh... arent you aware that BF4/Titanfall isnt(and PROBABLY wont ever be) supported by Steam OR you can already forget that and a shit ton of titles on SteamOS

nukeitall2720d ago

That does seem like a nice machine, but does it come with a controller, and a Windows license?

Steam machine is practically useless to me with just Linux, and an added Windows 8 license will set me back around $100 more.

If I'm looking from just a graphical power point, it is great. From a usability in my daily life, it is very limited.

Kinect One alone makes my Xbox One much more convenient for Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. While graphics has much more limited appeal to me, although I admit that while playing Ryse I did pause a few times to check out the graphics. I'm sure a Steam box would make the PS4 and Xbox One look like last generation consoles next to it though.

GeraltofRivia2720d ago

Being that a 6 year old average gaming pc shits on the xbox one and ps4 when it comes to gaming I think a modern day "Steam Machine" will be equal if not better to the current consoles and you won't have to wait 7-8 years for hardware upgrades. More like modify whenever you want.

abzdine2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Exclusives is the reason why people buy consoles and for a console-only gamer like myself steam machine is pointless. and for 499..... -_-'

Rivitur2720d ago

The computer will offer a multicore AMD CPU and a discrete AMD Radeon R9 270 graphics card —that's a $180 GPU all by itself —and come with Valve's Steam Controller as part of the package deal. And there is no powerbrick : P

Geez do some research first at least.

DoctorJones2720d ago


Pc has plenty of exclusives.

EXVirtual2720d ago

Did anyone even read the article?
'If this all pans out and you can get these spec’s for that $499 price'
The price of this thing isn't even confirmed. I highly doubt it's gonna be $500. The profit margin would be too small. I think this thing is going to be a very niche machine. It's not going to compete with the PS4 and XBO, PS4 especially.

Mac4202720d ago

GPU alone is popping on both Next Gen consoles, they stilled haven't released what type of CPU it's got in there. But this box will be stronger then both consoles. An in 1-2 years when new hardware drops, you will be able to upgrade.

Think it's official I'm never gettin a next gen console Steam box here I come.

alexkoepp2720d ago

In two years n4g will be flooded with headlines like "Steambox goes the way of the dodo", "Steambox: Where Valve went wrong", "100 ways to build a cheaper, more powerful PC instead of buying Steambox", "What happened to Steambox?", "Top tech fails of 2015: Steambox", "Buying PS4+X1 cheaper than Steamboxes, plus the best games"

NeoTribe2720d ago

Im gonna take a guess that the 499 model may be more powerful than the ps4. Dont wanna sound like an ass but i kinda hope steam pushes microsoft out the game buisness. Sony, steam and nintendo have always been about the games.

JasonKCK2720d ago

Steam machine specs are better than X1 and PS4. IDK where you guys are getting that the PS4 is on par.

ABizzel12720d ago


We know most of the stat, we just don't know all of the specifics.

CPU: Doesn't really matter but my guess is it's a FX 6000, no less than an FX 4000. The FX 6000 would be best since it's 6 cores will allow it to receive straight ports from the consoles, who are both only using 6 cores of their CPU right now, on top of that the cores in the FX 6000 are at least 2x more powerful per core than the PS4 and XBO CPU. The FX 4000 should work as well, but it's best to pass on that, and spend the extra $40 to get the $100 FX 6000.

GPU: A solid mid-range GPU, which should put it around 60% - 70% more powerful than the XBO, and 10% - 20% more powerful than the PS4. Also has 2GB of GDDR5 (179.2 GB/s)

RAM was already said to be 8GB DDR3, MHz was unknown (more than likely 1600MHz).

HDD: 500GB

All for $499. The PS4 is still a slightly better deal hardware wise (the gap in performance will be covered by dedicated coding and development, and the 8GB of GDDR5 is just to much of positive to overlook, and V-Sync performance), but Steam Machines seriously put the hurt on XBO. Once again your get superior hardware, saves you money on games (thanks to Steam and PC games generally being cheaper to begin with), and still get to keep a console-like experience with friends list, free online gaming, connecting to an HDTV (a monitor would be much better), and using a 360 / XBO / DualShock 4 controller easily.

gaffyh2720d ago

Personally, I think the box looks a bit crap, but also I saw a gaming benchmark comparison of processors, where an 8-core AMD processor lost to a 4th gen Intel i3 (dual core). So I don't think it's the best spec on the market.

VforVideogames2720d ago


Utalkin2me2720d ago


You know gaming is about games and gameplay right? I think everyone knows PC's are more powerful but under utilized. Games are all a personal preference, such as you liking Pc offerings more, where as i like console offerings more. That clearly doesn't mean PC's as you say "shit" on consoles.

MicDude2719d ago


If you are right about the r9 270 then it will be definitely Xbox One and equal, maybe even a little more powerful than the PS4.

Nafon2719d ago

most of the specs are unknown? They give you the GPU, a rough idea of the cpu, we know that will have enough ram to run games, the HDD size, and none of the other specs will have anything but an insignificant effect on performance.

el_bandito2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

The GPU is already more powerful than the Xbox One's. I have a PS4 and PC with GTX 770 and I could say this is a good deal for people who don't have a decent gaming rig yet. The controller still seems iffy to me though. But you'll probably get used to it like our transition from the Nes joypad to SNES joypad to the Dualshock/360 joypad. Additionally, with a keyboard/mouse you can get the best out of some RTS, ARTS, FPS(maybe), etc.

Get your exclusives on consoles. Then get the others for the steambox. I personally believe that Steam Sales are one of the greatest things given to the gaming community. Once you get the steambox, see your HD get loaded with games you might not even play for the next two years.

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Alex_Boro2720d ago

Haha yeah, I rather pay 100 extra bucks when I can actually save money on games on steam and possibly install windows. Those two things actually are useful rather than kinect.

nukeitall2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I value ease of use the most, and the Xbox One (and the PS4) has consistently been more user friendly in use than my PC, even with Steam in big picture mode.

Admittedly both Xbox One and PS4 is more like PC now, it still has a huge leg up, especially in convenience with Kinect One. I also really feel attached to trophies and especially achievements.

That said, the cheaper games, the freedom to install whatever you want (if you are using Windows), the breadth of software offering and humongous leap in graphical power is very enticing.

The graphical power should easily outdoo any console several times over. If we can get a convenient, small, quiet and upgradeable box with huge graphical power to a cost of $400-500 I might jump especially if it has a license of Windows.

Then again, I already have a quad core PC, with gazillion RAM, but with a somewhat anemic video card. Far cheaper to upgrade that!

DeadlyFire2720d ago

You do know if you have a high powered PC you already have a Steam machine right?

All you would have to do to get that same experience of those Steam Machine people is to just download the Free OS and install it on a partition or a separate hard drive your choice.

extermin8or2720d ago

The thing people on here seem to be missing is that it just can't get too powerful and have a decent price. Not financially viable. Also many console gamers choose to be so for the convinience. The convincience of ittin on the couch and jumping right in, not having to worry if a game will run properly on your hardware or run aswell as it should- so many different hardware combinations exist for pc devs can't prepare for all of them and sometime errors stop the game functioning but you have no way of knowing till you've bought it as all the benchmarks in the world wouldn't show you that might be the case.

Utalkin2me2720d ago


I haven't paid full priced for a console game in half a decade. Between amazon, bestuy giving cash back and the greatness of gamefly you can get retail copies pretty cheap, with resell value unlike steam.

I bought BF4 day one 47 bucks from gamefly then 3 weeks later sold it for 40.

Alex_Boro2719d ago

@Utalkin2me That's true, but Gamefly is subscription based so you aren't really saving that much money if you buy games.

nukeitall2719d ago


I do know that, but it isn't quite the same.

I'm hoping for a silent and powerful machine in a package suitable for living room use hopefully with at least a controller and hopefully voice command and Kinect like functionality in my Steam box. The Kinect function is unlikely, the voice command might be possible, but likely cluncky or with little widespread support.

So that leaves me with a silent, powerful and convenient packaging.

My current Dell desktop monster is none of the above!

Also, I haven't tried Steam OS in regular use, but don't see how it would be better than just using Windows now and the for see able future.

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AutoCad2720d ago

it just beat ps aswell, if this gets the support,it will be the top dog.cant wait to hear more from this

Parapraxis2720d ago

This has beat nothing yet.

cleft52720d ago

Sony 1st party support is 2nd only to Nintendo and remember the PS4 is only $400. With Gaikai the PS4 will also have access to key PS3, PS2, PS1, and possibly PSP games. That library and price tag ensure that Sony will remain strong against many competitors.

Rockstar2720d ago

You're forgetting what sets all these different platforms apart. The Games! As much as everyone argues about power/resolution etc. the fact is you can't play Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War, Gran Turismo, the list goes on, On PC or Xbone.

You can't play Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza etc. on PC or PS4.

Steam has great games no doubt but not all of 'em.

In the end, that's what really matters.

EXVirtual2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Did you read the article?
The actual price isn't confirmed.
'If this all pans out and you can get these spec’s for that $499 price'
I doubt it will be $500. And no, this thing which seems to have no disc drive, will not compete against established consoles.

EXVirtual2720d ago

Did you read the article?
The actual price isn't confirmed.
'If this all pans out and you can get these spec’s for that $499 price'
I doubt it will be $500. Not for those specs.

warczar2720d ago


"Sony 1st party support is 2nd only to Nintendo"

That statement is definitely debatable. Not saying Nintendo doesn't make quality games but they really lack in the story telling department.

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Eonjay2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Exactly. This machine is upgradeaple, it has 4GB GDDR5 video memory with a memory bandwidth of 320GB/s, with 2816 SPUs (almost 3 TFlops of performance) and a 500GB HDD.

For $499

Rhaigun2720d ago

Really? Because when I looked up this card it was 2gb of GDDR5 and only 2.7 Gflops. Still good, but half the card you're touting.

Eonjay2720d ago


Yes you are right only 2GB
2.368 TFlops I stand corrected.

28% Faster than PS4 @ 125% of price of PS4
80% Faster than Xbox One @ 100% of price Xbox One

Rhaigun2720d ago

It's cool. I was actually hoping you'd counter by saying this machine had a modified R9 270. :-) That would've been icing on the cake.

Beastforlifenoob2720d ago

You guys are only considering the floating point operations per second which yes the STEAM machine does have a slight advantage.BUT

1.) The PS4's GPU uses half the power consumption (75w vs 150 w) because of this lower power consumption it means lower temperatures and quiter operation under stress.

2.) The PS4 shares a pool of 8GB GDDR5 memory which is very important once you amp up the resolution and overall graphics quality because this GPU only has 2GB of GDDR5 so when that runs out for graphics there will be a massive frame drop. Because the Ps4 has 8 GB of graphics memory it will only suffer FPS drop (or possibly shut down or close applications depending on how it deals with lack of RAM and pager files). So basically the PS4 could possibly DESTROY the r9 270 when say 3GB GDDR5 and 2GB of DDR5(for system) are being used.

Now you may come up with the argument that "but but but it also as 8GB DDR3" there are multiple problems with this the other 8GB of DDR3 on the steambox runs at 1600mhz now lets compare this to the PS4- its 8GB of ram runs at 5,500 mhz... wow... Also since the R9 270 is a 2GB GPU, once more than 2gb is used it will completely tank the fps down to about 5fps from 60. Thats the problem its not POOLED. You can only use 2gb graphic and 8gb convential wheras on the PS4 you can distribute that as much as you want depending on your type of game and its requirements but you cant do that on the convential way of thinking (convential+graphics)...

note the PS4 also as 256MB of extra DDr3 ram for some background processess.

Next, developers will STILL be able to optimize for the PS4, even with x86 there is still loads of room because of what i mentioned above, developers will optimize for pooled memory and 8 core CPU's (or 6 for gaming).

From the evidence I have looked at the PS4's graphics card is about 10% below the steamboxes' however it is almost 2x as efficent because it only uses half the energy.

AS you can see because of pooled memory, because of developer optimization, the PS4 is a more efficent and overall better gaming performance machine than this steambox. And hey its 100 bucks cheaper but you get all of the great 1st party games,

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Bigz67752720d ago

why do you only mention xbox? valve just blew both consoles out of the water.

Eonjay2720d ago

Because the Xbox and this machine are the same price. The graphics card in this machine is literally 2x the power of the Xbox One. It is stronger than the PS4 as well, but not to the same extreme and also the PS4 has a lower price.

In order of power
1. SteamBox 499
2. PS4 399
3. Xbox One 499

Xbox One doesn't have the price advantage to make up for its lack of power.

dsswoosh2720d ago

Cant wait to see the disapointment on all your faces when you buy this and see games running not as well as XB1 or PS4.

This machine is a low end PC which is running games totally unoptimised for it.

The end result will either be high res graphics running at 20 fps or horribly low res graphics without any upscaling running at 60 fps at most.

You will also be putting up with screen tearing or vsync input lag.

sonic9892720d ago

was about to point that out ( good job )
but i thought that i shall keep my knowledge to my self you know why share

dcj05242720d ago

What if it runs the Steam OS? Will this minimize the hogginess of windows.

krazeecain2720d ago

I think you're over-estimating the console advantage. The gpu in this steambox is probably almost twice as powerful as the other consoles' gpu's. No amount of optimization is going to make up for that. lol

tee_bag2422720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

@ dsswoosh

Lol wrong wrong wrong..but sorry.

This GPU can already run BF4 at 1080p at 60fps. As we all know X1 and PS4 aren't producing those results. Not even close.

make722720d ago

I dont know what gpu it uses,but ps4 beat my gtx 760 gpu easyli.

webeblazing2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

more fanboys spreading bs. these so called next gens isnt even producing 1080p with the amount of fidelity of pcs, yall just suddenly started touting bs about resolution. but know that next gen consoles is being out performed by a gfx card that 2x as powerful, you say its still have an advantage. yeah try harder.

low end gfx its funny because before the specs came out a month ago people was claiming the new consoles had this gfx card in it only to be disappointed. thats maybe the reason for the hate.

deecee332720d ago

Doubtful that it will underperform. As others have pointed out, the video card alone makes it worth the price because it's much faster than what either of the consoles have built in.

And vsync lag is really easy to eliminate. You open the console in your game and set the max FPS draw to 58 or 59. Problem solved. I play BF4 on a gaming machine hooked up to my tv with no lag using that. Doesn't mean I don't want a console, but let's not kid ourselves- the "next gen" experience has been available for a while now.

Guwapo772720d ago

@ dcj0524

SteamOS is still being optimized. Currently it runs on par or slightly under when compared to Windows 8 at this time. I expected it to come out and smoke it in it's beta phase but it didn't. As this being their first OS (based on Linux), it's pretty damn good.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2718d ago

It's actually a mid-end pc. And it'll definitely play games better. LOL Optimization or not, the graphics card alone kills what consoles have.

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4logpc2720d ago

How can it be a steal if we don't know the CPU........

decrypt2720d ago

Well they probably will use a desktop CPU. Which is way better than the tablet CPUs the PS4 and X1 come equipped with.

thehitman2720d ago

The article is very misleading. They didnt say it is $499 they are HOPING its $499. I bet it will be more than $499 probably like $599. Which is 200 more than the ps4 and 100 more than the xb1. Also a lot of the other specs are still unknown so it could be very well more than even $599.

iamnsuperman2720d ago

I am not sure how anyone can disagree with you. What you have said is right. This is not New I formation. The language, of the article, also says "if the all pans out and you can get these specs for that price" none of this is confirmed. People need to start reading beyond the title

3-4-52720d ago

I bought a Computer through ibuypower back last March and I love it. Cost me $600 at the time, AMD 7770, 8GB Ram, i5 3750 cpu and runs games on high settings good.

I'm assuming that since this is being offered now, parts have gone down and this PC could have even better specs for a better price.

I love that about PC's.

Automatic792720d ago


When you add a dumb comment like that at least have the decency to back it up with a point you come off like troll.

Ashunderfire862719d ago

102 and counting are all in favor of my comment. With 6 disagrees > over 1 agree, it seems that you are the one that is a troll. Read article to see why I said that the Steam Box is a steal over Xbox One. A box that looks like a ripoff of Xbox one without the spy cam, with superior specs is a plus.

Mosiac772720d ago

A steal? The steam machine will be useless if steam goes down and it almost has the DRM futures that gamers didn't want on the xbox one to begin with.

TheKayle12720d ago

specs are better than both console...ps4 and xbox one

and clearly this one is upgradable.....

deecee332720d ago

This thing is already 1080p60 capable if the consoles are any indication. If the CPU and video are both upgradeable, this thing could be a really good long term buy.

Necro_5592720d ago

Why are you people so stupid. Console specs on paper might not seem super great. But optimization. One set off specs across the board and unified memory. Thats what makes console special. So specs in a console are amplified because of this. The Last of Us on PS3 was done with less then 500mb of non unified ram. This Steam machine wont sell at all. No ones going to by it. Not only that, but its not a unified set of specs, it doesnt have unified ram, or custom drivers. In 3 years it wont even be able to run most games. Also, we dont even know the full spec sheet for this machine. And it most certainly doesnt shit on the Xbox ONE. Because like i said, something PC fanboys just dont want to believe. Consoles gain strength from being a closed platform with unified specs, unified ram, cptimized drivers. If you take a PC with the same specs as an Xbox ONE, the Xbox ONe is going to destroy it. Game are performing like high end PCs on the PS4 and XBox ONE. This is the reason you buy console. These are just facts. And i am talking graphics wise.

hiredhelp2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Let me tell you why id buy this over xbox one pure raw performance visually better much better.
Heres why Do you see that long PCB Board at the top like a long retangle circuit board? Thats the graphics card one of many types why this better than Xbox one....? Full fledged PCI deadicated GPU means more stream procesors more memory boost.
Heres the deal i think steambox users may! Get that PC users had for Years thats in game graphics tweaking 16x aa anyone ok realisticly i put down to 4x.
This all means better FPS. Because as you see theres a seperate CPU like memory HDD ect ect. Plus i think to a point its upgradable.
Myself if i wanted best both world like last year PS4 Steam box if you dont want to get into building pc.

JsonHenry2720d ago

Just a little bit of a google search and you will know that this machine sports more power and certainly more customization than either "next-gen" console as well as a game library that makes them both look silly.

It probably won't replace my PS4 for console gaming but I know my wife would love to play PC games on her big-screen in a worry free environment (SteamOS) akin to a console so I will by buying her one of these.