WoW Is becoming a True E-Sport

It has been obvious even since the end of 2006 that Blizzard has intended to make WoW into more of an e-sport. First came the Arena and its Arena Season PvP gear together with easier ways to get some "starting gear" for PvP, and after that it's all up to your skills, more than your gear, as is true in all other aspects of PvP. The Blizzard World of Warcraft Arena Tournament, and its Tournament Realm is another huge step towards removing all other factors than game knowledge and skill, as all players will start on an equal footing.

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Leord3911d ago

True as said, every year seems to be an even better year for e-sports, but besides Korea, it just haven't really caught on yet..

iceice1233911d ago

Seems people are really really against it. Always threads hating on it.

jessupj3911d ago

We are very against it because that guy has no idea what he's talking about. Arena is hardly about skill at all. It's 5% skill, 50% gear and 45% class composition. You will naturally want to play arena with your friends, but if their class doesn't compliment your class then you're going to have a very tough time. It's very unfair and un balanced.

kwicksandz3910d ago

The classes and more importantly races are not balanced.

Undead dominate the top of the charts in every battlegroup because of there PVP friendly racials. Until they balance other races or disable racials in the arenas you cant say that X team won because they where better on the day.

Leord3910d ago

My friend says it's 90% class and 10% gear =P