Gears of War Jammed Up in Memphis?

Many gamers across internet forums, including ours, are reporting that their local EB Games and GameStop are informing of a problem with the Gears of War shipment being stuck in Memphis.

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Boink4458d ago

I'm in canada, picked up mine this morning...drooling ever since:)

Optimus Prime4457d ago

boink where did you pick yours up

THWIP4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )*t happens. TECHNICALLY, the game isn't supposed to go on sale until the 12th anyway. :o
I walked into Gamestop last night, and picked up the CE version...WITHOUT A PREORDER. :D Some guy had just called and canceled his, because he had gotten a package deal elsewhere or something; either way, I used my $48 in-store credit from trades, and only paid $26. :)
And yes, the game is amazing.

eques judicii4457d ago

i work at EB games.. the game was never street dated to the 12th so it can be sold as soon as stores receive it...

Cyclonus4458d ago

as the game has been released. But the end result is the same:

"NO GEARS FOR YOU!"...or me, either. tracking tells me it's "Backordered" it could be Thanksgiving before I get to chainsaw anyone.

sucks. :(

Big Moe4457d ago

I had ordered mine late last night on so it was still technically a preorder but deep down I knew that they were gonna run out before my number came up. Sure thing, this morning I got on and it said it was backordered. However, I got on earlier this afternoon and it now says that my game will be shipped by tomorrow! Just check back, maybe the same happend for you.

Dlacy13g4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

The official launch day for the game is the 12th!!!!! That is when MS said most of NA should have all their copies....Retailers who got copies earlier were given the green light to sell early. THIS IS NOT A DELAY!

THWIP4458d ago

...although MS/Epic should've known better than to pick a SUNDAY for the launch of a AAA title. :o

Sphinx4458d ago

I got mine yesterday right after work... then went to my two most boring college classes... then went home to some GOW! This game is frikkin sweet... frikkin sweet...

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The story is too old to be commented.