Videogamer puts SCEE chief David Reeves on the spot - Full Interview - Talks GTA 4 DLC, Sony's 2008 line-up and more

Videogamer writes: "Sony has reason to be pleased. Last night at PlayStation Day in London SCEE head honcho David Reeves took to the stage to announce that the PS3 has sold over 5 million throughout Europe, a figure achieved at a similar time frame as the PS2. But, even more important for Sony Europe's president, he revealed that the PS3 has been consistently outselling the Xbox 360 despite its price drop and launch 16 months before the PS3. But we know there are still questions to be answered, and that's why we caught up with Reeves following his speech, shoved a tape recorder in his face and quizzed him on the game of the moment... GTA 4, and that awkward MS exclusive DLC deal."

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dale13815d ago

its gta5 exclusive contract signed already thats how big it is