Sony Registers Two Trademarks for “LBP;” Another LittleBigPlanet Game Incoming?

Sony Computer Entertainment filed for the registration of two trademarks for the acronym LBP in the UK, indicating that something may be moving behind the scene of the LittleBigPlanet franchise, especially considering that what Media Molecule is working on after Tearaway is shrouded in mystery.

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iamnsuperman2458d ago

I think it will be a Vita game which I wouldn't be disappointed with since LBP Vita was the best in the series

abzdine2458d ago

a sequel on vita and a PS4 episode for a max interaction.

AngelicIceDiamond2458d ago

I foresee literally limitless possibilities in LBP for PS4.

rambi802458d ago

i hope they bring lbp carting to vita

Freak of Nature2458d ago

For me anything from MM has me interested a great deal. The new IP or something from the LBP universe. Sure would love to see what they have cooking on the PS4. Ceilings raised higher, more goodness in every aspect from gameplay innovations, to eye candy/style.... I wonder how the game they showed fits into all this? Either way I am really wanting more from them...

ZeroX98762458d ago

I know sidescrolling platformer is what LBP always did perfectly, having 3D platforming included would be nice too. You could change from one to the other via triggers in the level editor.

There are so much possibilities with LBP, we're far from being near the end of this franchise.

ZodTheRipper2458d ago

Why does the Vita need another LBP? The existing one is close to perfect and a new one probably wouldn't sell that much. A new LBP for PS4 is much, much more likely.

b163o12458d ago

What the hell is LBP? JK

S/N What MM has done on the ps3, is simply amazing. I really couldn't imagine what they'd come up with on the PS4 platform, the possibilities are endless. Can't wait to see what they got coming...

inveni02458d ago

Couldn't these just be related to LBP: Hub?

DeadlyFire2457d ago

Definitely possible Hub disc release and digital sharing platform as a possibility. Since nothing is confirmed the imaginations of people will run everywhere with this until so.

STEWIE_PLAY_PS42457d ago

PS vita suck, I used PS4 much best

Utalkin2me2457d ago

Wouldn't LBP be awesome if it was like Mario 3D World. I think that would be the next best thing.

mcstorm2457d ago

Utalkin2me I agree. I loved lbp, lbp 2 was fun but I felt it was more of the same and the psv version was way too short and I did not think offered anything over the 1st two just had touch added to it.

For me I want to see mm do Something a little different with lbp a bit like Nintendo do with Mario.

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avengers19782458d ago

Media molecule has been working on a PS4 title, so it's very possible for LBP on PS4.
They could also have something for the vita, but IMO it's something 4 related.

Abriael2458d ago

Could be both. Don't they have more than one team?

Venemox2458d ago

Mm said they were moving away from LBP 2 years ago. Which is why Tarsier handles everything LBP related now.

Sevir2458d ago

Traiser, Simi Digital and United Front Games handles The LBP IP. Media Molecule Has completely stepped away from LBP which is why Tearaway was born and such a big success, their PS4 IP is a New Creation focused IP and it'll Rock, just like LBP, LBP2, and Tearaway.

Redlogic2457d ago

It'll be shown off with the new VR headset as a launch title for the device on ps4, at least that's what I'm hoping to see!

bocajbee2457d ago

Mm already made Tearaway for the vita.

I doubt this is another vita project, unless it's a new LBP.

Maybe we can get an lbp on the vita that runs at the native irresolution his time around?

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psman0122458d ago

Agreed. I haven't seen to many reasons to give up my ps3 for a ps4 yet, but if LBP does come to PS4, that'll be a huge incentive to get one! Loved the first two games.

-Foxtrot2458d ago

I hope the new LBP will have 3D levels...creating 3D levels would be amazing

Little Big Planet 3-D

ColeMacGrath2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Wouldn't that be doing what Nintendo did with Super Mario 3D World? That'd make people accuse LBP for being a complete rip-off of SMB just like they accused PS All Stars for being a rip-off of SSB. /s
Anyway, I absolutely agree with your idea, having the freedom to create a 2D or a 3D level is just fantastic for an LBP platforming game.

-Foxtrot2458d ago


Super Mario 3D World never had a level creation tool though, I mean like having a blank canvas and creating massive open levels from scratch

It could be amazing if done right and is the only next logical thing they can do to push the game forward.

I mean having the same old 2.5 level designs where you get to make your own stuff is what we've seen in the past two games....where else can you go with that.

Least then it's something to on Project Spark

ColeMacGrath2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

"Super Mario 3D World never had a level creation tool though, I mean like having a blank canvas and creating massive open levels from scratch "

That was my point, they'd be accusing LBP anyway without even knowing what the game actually is, but that's just assuming that all people who didn't play or know anything about it would do that.

"I mean having the same old 2.5 level designs where you get to make your own stuff is what we've seen in the past two games....where else can you go with that. "

Some people may prefer 2.5D only others may prefer 3D only and there are the people like me who'd prefer the freedom to create/play on both dimensions, having more varieties of dimensions would make everyone (completely) satisfied with their own creations.

Freak of Nature2457d ago

I totally agree.... Give people the options. More choice. The series which to me is fantastic should look to evolve.

I see that demonstration they showed last year some kind of new LBP, the whole look and feel had that vibe. Sumo digital is probably on the next LBP, but I would hope with the assistance of a core team that brought us the first LBP's...

Perhaps we will get another LBP in this way from Sumo and with the aid of a crack team of MM's experts from the originals? And the other IP will be a whole new thing itself, but with that old charm of LBP and Tearaway.

I want to see that thermometer level go up, more expansive levels, people create levels upon levels, making there creations games within the game. Open sandbox Worlds and 2d old school levels of LBP 's past iterations...

Quirky,unique,stylish, outside of the box, and fun,fun, fun, just bring it soon MM...

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ABizzel12458d ago

LittleBigPlanet 3D: An open-world Sandbox, where you're free to create to your hearts content. Make full games, game worlds, and more. RPG's, FPS, Sandbox, etc...

One can dream.... Templates would be a godsend to people who don't have that much time or skill. Pick the type of game you want, setting, and other options, and watch the game world being built dynamically in real-time.


I want to remake Killzone.

1) What kind of game would you like to make? FPS
2) What kind of setting? Sci-Fi
3) What kind of extras? Weapons, Enemies, Vehicles,

******Please wait, Building Level*******

Boom, template stage is built, now edit the level however you want.

-Foxtrot2458d ago

Thats what I was thinking of

I would like it though if you could start in an empty blank world and on the create options you could select, for example, flooring and it would let you pick from a range of tabs

- Grass
- Stone
- Dirt
- Custom
- Metal
- Other

Then selecting one of those would let you co through a range of options. So for example on the Grass tab it would have

- Grass (Default)
- Autumn Grass
- Wild Grass
- Burnt Grass
- Patchy Grass
- Weed filled Grass
- Dark Grass
- Jungle Grass
- Light Grass

and so on

Then when you've selected your option you can choose the length of it.

I mean all that would come from one tab, so imagine how many different levels there could be.

Hell even the terrain tab could be like what you see on the Sims games. Imagine the massive rocky mountains you could make. People would be remaking levels from so many games if they do a 3D game.

Obviously though the game will have it's traditional 2.5 levels aswell.

ColeMacGrath2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

AND in addition, a tool that'd make you able to customize the color/lighting/bezel/shapes/ot her customizing options of stuff like walls/floors/objects manually (just like the tool found in The Sims games) would make levels even more different and creative.

dlocsta2458d ago

I am glad Sony is not like M$ with all of the sequels.

2457d ago
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Beastforlifenoob2458d ago

is that the dad from were the millers? what movie was that

GTgamer2458d ago

He playing the character Ron Swanson in the Show Parks and Recreation but yesh he's the dad from meet the millers.

Axonometri2458d ago

What happened to Hub? Did I miss that?

iamnsuperman2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

I know right. I am not sure why that is taking so long (unless they are making it for the PS4 too). LBP was designed to be free to play.

HeartlessGamer2458d ago

I honestly think LBP Hub jumped to PS4

GraveLord2458d ago

No reason why it can't be on both PS3 and PS4. It's not a technically demanding game and as a free to play title, it might as well be on everything Sony can put it on. Maybe even Vita.

WeAreLegion2458d ago

:D Yes, please! Make it 3D!!!

mt2457d ago

and keep the 2.5D platforming *BOOOM*

iliimaster2458d ago

ill be fine with Mario m Luigi

SmokingMonkey2458d ago

I could make those levels for you IN any LBP.

And I could make it so the Princess is in another castle for you know for

14th time. /s