How Microsoft Could Do It: Portable HD Xbox Gaming

How Microsoft should enter the portable space and dominate its two successful rivals.

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Neurotoxin3818d ago

Yup. True Enough.

Portable Hd Gaming Device............ Jesus think of the battery Life, Anyone got a Mr. Fusion Portable Energy Reactor??

MURKERR3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

in Japan two failed xbox's doesnt bode well for the future and i mean console or portable.

but good luck to microsoft if they do bring it out,if its good and doesnt suffer a handheld RROD i'd get one

robep33818d ago

I wonder how big the power brick will be on this one LOL.

games4fun3818d ago

as long as that tech is reliable i'll bite i would like two analogue sticks as well

kind of annoying that sony didnt put it in their psp cmon just add one more tiny mesh thing its not that hard is it?

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TheSadTruth3817d ago

That's funny actually..

anyways I can't post in the other section but this is a bad idea.. just take a look at what happened to the game gear

juuken3817d ago

...I laughed out loud.
Seriously, that was funny.

DomUltra3818d ago

"Awww man! Disc read error!"

"Sorry, we only cover LROD, not disc read errors."

"Aw man! It's just like my Xbox 360 :(!"

Truplaya3818d ago

two analogues sticks would make any new handheld sell. I dont think HD is possible, as Neurotoxin says, the battery would die in about an hour.

hades073817d ago

If engineered properly it would last longer than you think. With little to no moving parts. It would basically be like a device playing a video because the 360 console would do all of the work.

On a small screen to have the same quality resolution as a HDTV it wouldnt have to be the full 720P. If you were to do 480P on your PSP's small screen it would look pristine.

Neurotoxin3817d ago

720p on a 6" screen.... Wow this is living!