PS3 ad pulled for misleading backwards compatibility claim

PC World have been ordered not to show a "misleading" 60GB PS3 TV advert again which said that it "plays your PS2 games as well." This was deemed to be misleading by the Advertising Standards Authority who noted that when the advert was broadcast it could play around 80% of PS2 games.

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Capt CHAOS3911d ago

Real foolish of them to stop making that version of the PS3 me thinks..

CrazzyMan3911d ago

but nobody knows when..
just for now, ps2 is still selling good, that`s why making 40GB to be able t play ps2 games is not good for buisness.. for now.

GutZ313911d ago

Its about damn time they pulled that Ad, I also think they should have kept the emotion chip, but it just creates more heat, so I say play your PS2 games on your PS2 :(

ceee2273911d ago

My PS2 was a piece of sh!t. I was always worried it was going to scratch more of my games. That is why I opened up my wallet for the original 20GB PS3. Now I am glad I did.

Tempist3911d ago

Yeah this doesn't make sense given that the 60GB PS3 hasn't been in stock since November of last year... Or are they available in the PAL regions?

bigman2u083911d ago

people where warned about this so they only have themselve's to blame for not listening

kingme713911d ago

All they needed to say was "most" of your PS2 games and probably would have been fine.

caffman3911d ago

that NO new PS3 in the UK will play PS2 games. At all. They are all 40GB. The 60GB version is only available as second hand

littletad3911d ago

Less talk? Check. Better advertising? Check. Games? Check. Release of Home? Close to a check.

Letting consumers play a robust catalogue spanning 7 years? If only it were a check. Now I'm sure some of you will say "everyone" owns a ps2 already. That may or may not be, but I hardly see the average Sony fan "happy" about having 2 playstation systems set up on one tv.

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The story is too old to be commented.