Loot Ninja's Demo Impressions for The Bourne Conspiracy

Jason Bourne has been called our generation's James Bond. Except he gets laid much less. Anyway, his first adventure in the next generation of gaming is almost here and we can now try it out via the demo currently on Xbox Live. Loot Ninja gave it a thorough play through last night and although fun at times, the game did not make it self stand out in any way.

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drunkpandas3868d ago

It's a shame it gets repetitive already in the demo. Hopefully there's more variety in the full game

witchking3868d ago

I played through the bank escape portion of the demo. First, I thought the takedowns were totally cool. They weren't always the same, and the use of the environment to knock the guy out was well done. I agree with Loot Ninja's post in that I see the hand-to-hand becoming repetitive, but you can overlook that if the takedown brings a different conclusion. Second, I found the transitions from gameplay to timed-button sequences jarring. I missed the gate a couple of times. Which brings me to my major issue with this: the lack of openness. So I missed the gate... what happens? Bourne taken away in handcuffs and I get the option to load the last checkpoint. WTF?!?!? This is Bourne. Let's say they take me in handcuffs and as we enter the stairway or the elevator to be taken down I headbutt one dude and strangle after jumproping the cuffs. You know? Why is me missing the button sequence equivalent to a game over? I thought that sucked.

This went from day one purchase for me to a "wait for reviews and rent maybe." With GTA IV already here and Battlefield Bad Company coming in June, this game would have had to blow me away to get squeezed into the lineup. And it didn't do that.

BoneMagnus3868d ago

I never had high hopes for this game, and the demo proved my intuition correct. The fighting mechanics were awkward, and the situational button presses were way overused. The unlock feature where you merely hold the button down was lame as well. Finally, the in game graphics were nothing to write home about either. This game isn't even a rental for me.