Sony considering external PS3 hard drive?

SCEE boss David Reeves has admitted he is unsure if Sony will stick to offering only the 40GB PS3 unit.

Speaking to Eurogamer, he hinted towards the possibility of introducing official external hard drives as he delivered his vision of consumer storage choice.

"We launched with 60GB and to reduce the price we went to 40GB. We're not sure we want to stay with that configuration of hard drive, and I think what you're going to see in the future is maybe consumers can choose," Reeves told Eurogamer.

"The PlayStation will stay the same, but consumers can choose whichever size of hard drive they want. They can now, or course, because it's not a proprietary hard drive."

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wolfehound223819d ago

This may work, but this would have to be offered when u purchase the system since all PS3 games have mandatory installs. Plus the price I think would need to come down.

sonarus3819d ago

External hard drive support probably not a bad idea especially if i can load psn demo's there

Le-mo3819d ago

As long as their external drive allows game installations then count me in.

Marty83703819d ago

Sony's PS3 hard drive option is better than the proprietary crap Microsoft makes 360 owers buy.

PS360WII3819d ago

Hey why not there are plenty of people out there that don't want to deal with putting in a bigger hdd themselves and yeah if I can instal games on the external I'd get one

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The story is too old to be commented.