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It has been more than couple of weeks now that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is available on App Store and Google Play Store. Rockstar has tried hard to give all the features and experience of Gta San Andreas to mobile users.

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Angerfist1839d ago

It is a great Game still. The Controls could be a bit better but on android you can use a ps3 or 360 pad so it can be if you will be an non-issue. Graphics are extremely crisp too.

sanam3691839d ago

Yes, that is what it is in the review itself, that with controller this will be the best port.

BigDollarZoe9541839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

i can't find this in the play store for anything on my android smartphone would like to play it

sanam3691839d ago

Which device are you using ?

sanam3691838d ago

it is available for your phone as well, please go to and search for the game, it is priced at $6.99