GAMESPOT:Killzone 2 Hands-On Impressions

Dan Chiappini:"We go hands-on with Killzone 2 and see whether it's starting to look anything like the trailer shown all those years ago"

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Real gamer 4 life3868d ago

So Killzone could have gone to store shelves this year. But they decide to delay it only for the simple fact that it will not have a chance this holiday season with resistance and gears 2. That was probably a good move by sony, because the game might have been overshadow. But then again If the game is very good then it can actually steal the spotlight from gears. But sony does not want a conflict of interest between resistance and killzone.

sonarus3868d ago

I don't think it won't have a chance but putting their 2 premiere shooters within 3months of each other is probably not a good idea. R2 is there to hold off gears of war. R2 is still my most anticipated shooter for the yr, mostly due to boss battles and separate 8player coop. Can't wait to see the world premiere game play vid.

KZ2 moving to 09 just strengthens the ps3 09 line up.

TheHater3868d ago

I agree with Sonarus. Resistance 2 is my most wanted FPS this year. It would have somewhat limited both the salese for Resistance 2, and Killzone 2 if they was release with months of each other.

Killzone 2 is Feb next year, and GOD of War 3 is March of next year. I cannot wait for those two game

xaphanze3868d ago

Sounds they were impressed. Unlike IGN...

Will-UK3868d ago

I know ign just seemed to hate it near the end of their preview

BeaArthur3868d ago

It all depends on the person previewing it, everyone is different.

AngryXbot3868d ago

Killzowned is in da house.

Looks like we are the boss, and you are the biatch.

fredy3868d ago

ps3 fanboys love gamespot over ign all the sudden...


TheHater3868d ago

I actually have IGN as my homepage :)
Gamespot can't hold a candle to in my opinion.
I read they preview yesterday, and notice that the individual that was writing the preview, was a little bias, but had some valid points about the AI we seen so far.

TheHater3868d ago

Is gamespot putting words in people mouth again? I would like them to quote the PR person that stated that, so that way, they would have been more creditable with this article.

fredy3868d ago

"stiff competition from other AAA titles, including Gears of War 2."

Very very stiff

almost stupid to do so.

anh_duong3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

are you going to play your xbox or are you going to spend all your adult life reading news about a product you don't even own?

sony deemed resistance was good enough to compete against gears hence killzone was moved to 2009. no need to expend energy in competing against gears when resistance 2 will have as much hype. sony is confident that R2 will compete with gears so why bother competing with itself (i.e. k2 with R2)

with gta doing so well in a traditional quiet part of the year the business model for major console release was turned upside down.

in the past, games companies tried everything they could to release in end Q3/Q4 (this is EA's business model) but now games companies don't have to do that. the critical factor is to get the games up to AAA quality as opposed to missing schedules. note that the long delay in GTA actually worked to it's advantage.

killzone delay spreads a major PS3 exclusive release every quarter and gurantees sony maintains its momentum.

your life is more important than being spent in the ps3 news area. you don't own a ps3 so read about xboxes instead. you like the xbox => read xbox news.

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The story is too old to be commented.