NVIDIA Maxwell, Denver CPU, Shield 2 and Tegra 5 Announcements Expected Tomorrow At CES 2014

NVIDIA would hold their CES 2014 Conference tomorrow at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas announcing new technologies such as their brand new Tegra 5 mobile SOC, new gaming technologies under the Gameworks brand and possibly unveiling new details regarding their Maxwell GPUs and Denver CPU.

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SonyNGP1800d ago

That's what they said about the first Shield, and apparently, it was DOA enough to spawn a successor! :/

Prime1571800d ago

Yeah, I wasn't expecting a second shield so soon. Interesting.

I wonder what improvements it will have.

DeadlyFire1800d ago

Shield 1 uses Tegra 4. Shield 2 uses Tegra 5. Its the small cost upgrade plan. Cost will be same as Shield 1 while that's price gets dropped.

Although I would be impressed if they said Shield 2 uses Denver APU.

Ju1800d ago

Yeah. Curious how that went, actually. We hear nothing about Shield 1. Must have been very successful, then /s

kB01800d ago

I have the Shield 1, it's an amazing device.

I am a little disappointed that they are announcing 2 so soon..they still have a lot of work on 1!.

This thing is amazing though, I've never had such an awesome portable emulator, with an amazing screen and software support...and playing dead trigger 2 is actually fun now! Real racing using controls is also awesome

Smartphones have got some amazing games that never saw their peak because of the lack of buttons.

I'm happy with this 250$ purchase:)

OrangePowerz1800d ago

Because the first Shield was so successful that it needs a new version. A Shield 2 is about as much needed as the second N-Gage was.

Plagasx1800d ago

The Sheild is a great device for PC gamers and a great Android device as well. It's also very mod friendly and supports tons of emulators.

It can only get better from here.

webeblazing1800d ago

nvidia is using shield to improve and make its way in the mobile space. people ask for a better option to play mobile game and they gave it to them. shield is cheap and powerful. i plan on getting it.

ABizzel11800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Oooooohhhhhhhh, the excitement, makes just, wanna, wanna

Gaming is entering it's next big jump. Laptop gaming is about to JUMP in performance with the GTX 880m offering performance above the 780m as well as 8GB of GDDR5 dedicated to the GPU (making sure laptops can max console ports from the PS4).

Desktop GPU's are about to break past todays offerings with the GTX 790 likely being 10 GFLOPS, and the GTX 880 rumored to be around 8 GFLOPS, with Volta expected to double that performance 2 year later.

Get ready for 4k @ 60 fps on a single GPU in the next few years, people. Good times ahead :D

Wizard_King1800d ago

seems the one disagree wants everything in 720p?

Voozi1800d ago

It's all about 8K @ 120 fps bro

kingduqc1800d ago

I still don't get 8gb of vram... the video card will choke before it ever even come close to HALF the video memory.

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The story is too old to be commented.