The PlayStation will regain its lead

PSLegion reports: "In an interview with the BBC news, Kaz Hirai spoke of the future of the PlayStation 3 and claimed that the PlayStation 'will reclaim lead' ..."

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FLOPbox 3603869d ago

King Kaz has a snippet for me to deliver the loser BOTS....Enjoy PIGS!

Kaz Hirai3869d ago

PIGS- that is what I do when I see your "console"! I LAUGH and I LAUGH until I PASS OUT!
Sony Soldiers- onwards to victory!

36 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


Sir Ken Kutaragi3869d ago

Cool interview on the BBC site King Kaz;)
I was in the Video to!!!(on BBC site) ;-D
Keep up the good work;)

+Funny video 'FLOPbox 360' ;-D

Le-mo3869d ago

When has Playstation lost its lead? The Playstation 2 is still kicking a**.

TresTrendu3869d ago

Ummm....Don't you read. It say's Playstation 3, nothing about Playstation 2.

TresTrendu3869d ago

So if the 360 is flop and it has sold way more unit's and sold like way more game's. Then what does that say for the ps3?

Spinner3869d ago

...With a gigantic one year headstart and the yet the PS3 is closing the gap fast.

What does that say?

InYourMom3869d ago

First off how does such a douchebag get so many bubbles? Oh yeah, he is a Sony cod piece.

Yes PS3 will be number 1 when both Wii and 360 have moved on to newer and better consoles.

Oh how the king of consoles has fallen!

ahhh so right..

Homicide3869d ago

You're just upset that the PS3 has been outselling the 360 and selling at a faster rate. Nobody wants that POS system called the 360 anymore.

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mustash20033869d ago

...I see it outdoing 360 but not regaining the sales it had with PS2. We shall see but with a recession up and coming....i just dont know.

Sjoeter3869d ago

just Jibba Jabba! Nintendo's on top again!

heyheyhey3869d ago

finally a nintendo fanboy

its good to have one around to mix things up

Spinner3869d ago

Wait I thought Nintendo quit the gaming industry and went into the toy industry?

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The story is too old to be commented.