Consumers prefer GTA IV on 360, says Microsoft

Microsoft's issued a press release today - following news that GTA IV's sold 926,000 copies in the UK in the game's first week on sale, 514,000 on 360 and 413,000 on PS3 - saying that it's clear punters know what they want. And what they want, apparently, is Niko 360.

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PR0NE3869d ago

lol, i want this story to become nova hot just mock it when numbers are released, showing that the PS3 moved five times more hardware than the 360 because of gtaIV (500000 console bundle sold), so who's the winner?

gEnKiE3869d ago

Of course their going to say that. You expect them to say they prefer the PS3 version?

Mike134nl3869d ago

Actually you would expect them to say what the number in the US are since the xb360 install base in the US is far larger than in the UK.

The difference in xb360 and ps3 should be bigger in the US.

resistance1003869d ago

The 360 versions should have sold more in the Uk, Considering the 360 userbase is nearly twice as big here.

I see this as a major defeat for MS considering how much they go on about software sales and attach rate, not matter how much they spin it.

Fallen_Angel3869d ago

Actually sony just announced that the ps3 has out sold the 360 in the uk so the ps3 has the larger install base. Another company (cant remember the name but it was on n4g if you want to look it up) tracked the 1st day sells of GTA 4 in the uk and was like 335,000 for the 360 and 275,000 for the ps3

Btw I'm guessing the reason they are list uk number is to try to off set the announcement by sony that they have out sold them.

Keowrath3869d ago

Fallen Angel, I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Are you saying there are more PS3's in the UK rather than 360's?

If that is indeed the case then damn Sony has done incredibly well considering the lead the 360 had to begin with.

If you're talking about number of consoles sold since GTAIV went on sale then that isn't install base is it.

resistance1003869d ago


No sony said in Europe, while in the UK the 360 still holds strong, overall in europe when you add sales from France and the rest of mainland europe, the Ps3 has more overal sales.

This artical is talking about the UK not all of europe.

Think of it this way.

2million of the 360's lets say 5million sales come from the UK and the remaining 3million from mainland europe

however with the Ps3 online 1.3million come from the UK and have sold 3.7 million in mainland europe

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Ace Ventura3869d ago

Microsft is lame. And sitll cant really beat Sony. The are getting trucked in hardware(what really matters for them) and have barely sold more than the YEAR YOUNGER PS3. It's a joke.

Sorry Microsft, consensus says no one wants your Xbox 360... even if its already 250$ in America and 200$ in Europe.

: (

Pain3869d ago

Well I Say M$ blows goats~

any different ?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3869d ago

Why is it the Playstation fanboy side that uses all the multi accouts, IP changer, cookie clean, IP shifter, JAVA hack, and gamepass hacks for bubbbles and agrees?

Xbox, PC, and Nintendo fanboys dont. Droids are cheap, cheats like George Bush. Those of us who have been here a while and know our way around net tools and and bittorent know whats true.

TheHater3869d ago

How exactly does MS know that consumers prefer GTA on the 360? Base on everything I am reading, the ps3 have a higher attach rate for the game than the 360, and GTA has moved more ps3 hardware than the 360.

fredy3869d ago

and ms is clearly selling more software....

TheHater3869d ago

According to some of the article about salese figure, the ps3 version of GTA IV is selling more than the 360 version in Europe, and Is also moving more PS3 hardware.

But in the UK, the 360 version of GTA sold about 55% of the total GTA salese so far.

resistance1003869d ago


Yes its true but this article is ABOUT THE UK ONLY! Can people not read!

The Uk is the only market in Europe where the 360 does any good. In the UK the 360 has an install base just under double of what the 360 has.

Which shows why MS are only focusing on UK sales and ignoring mainland sales, if you include mainland sales chances are the Ps3 version shifted alot more software

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