Beyond Good and Evil 2 in the Works, the 'Big Daddy of secret AAA shooters' revealed next month and more Rumors from PSM3

PSM3's 'The Insider' has been busy again, supplying us with more titbits of the goings on in the gaming industry.

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SickNick853818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

the big Daddy of secret AAA shooters revealed???? i remember rumor on OPM UK with Halo on Ps3...

PR0NE3818d ago

rofl, now that would be a heart attack for some fanboys

sonarus3818d ago

lol with big daddy used specifically, my guess is bioshock.

HighDefinition3818d ago

I want BG&E 2 and Bioshock would be kool too.

It would be awesome to get BG&E 2 as a PS3 exclusive, for me anyway.

Palodios3818d ago

Well, that could mean two things. Bioshock is going to the playstation 3... or Bioshock 2 is multiplatform.

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TheHater3818d ago

if you miss the first game, you should go out, and get it. it one of the best last gen game to date

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The story is too old to be commented.