SCEE chief: "PS3 has a better line-up than 360 in 2008"

The PS3 has a "better line-up than the Xbox 360 in 2008", according to Sony.

Speaking to following his presentation to media at PlayStation Day in London last night, SCEE chief David Reeves said that he didn't believe the Xbox 360 was a sinking ship but revealed that Sony had a "really good Christmas coming up".

When asked if he thought the Xbox 360 was a sinking ship, Reeves replied: "No I don't think it's a sinking ship. I think they have contributed amazingly to the growth of the industry. And I think we have done exactly the same. We don't criticise the competition because we are all in this industry and the only way you can do it is to actually bring more consumers in. So I'm not going to criticise them. All I'm saying is that I think that when we look ahead I think we honestly have a better line-up on PS3 than they probably do on Xbox."

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Chris3993911d ago

Much nicer than the mud-slinging and chest-puffing that often goes on from Redmond. He acknowledged the success of his competitor and their contribution to the industry AND managed to sneak in a little stab.

David Reeves is quickly becoming one of my favorite faces of gaming. He sort of blurts out whatever comes to mind before his handlers can stop him.

- C

sonarus3911d ago

lol. Well its a matter of perspective and opinion to some ppl but it really does look that way to me.

MURKERR3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

take note, no childish remarks, instead sony showed respect and praise but being confident with regards to what they will bring to the main course.

microsoft past comments especially the 'what you can do in gta4 while waiting for the 5min install on ps3' was your lowest,this is why your hated by alot of people who prefer apple and sony products

Magnus Knight3911d ago

If you are going to give "respect" part of the way then you might as well go all the way or it isn't "respect" at all. Sony saying they have a better line up isn't respecting the competition.

To say that the PS3 has a better line up in 2008 is wrong. End of story. The real people that should be commenting on PS3 vs Xbox vs Wii wars are the ones that actually own all 3 consoles and can make a valid argument. I own all three, and from where I stand, the Xbox is my most played system and will continue to be through 2008. Gears of War 2 will be the next big thing in video games. So far, I've been very disappointed with my PS3. And now that word has come out that MGS isn't what they want it to be due to hardware restrictions on the PS3, leaves me very VERY disappointed.

Shout, scream, kick or spit on each other all you want. To say that PS3 > 360 in 2008 is just plain false. Support your 1 and only system, 360 has the better line up this year.

Tarasque3911d ago

Sorry you forgot some word's. And should we underline probably at the end? Or should we even say he is talking about the original xbox?

"All I'm saying is that I think that when we look ahead I think we honestly have a better line-up on PS3 than they probably do on Xbox"

What you should have said is " I think so also "

KillaManiac3911d ago

I PERSONALLY think PS3 has a better lineup, but 360 has a good one too (I am a multi console owner).

PS3: Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, MGS 4, Little Big Planet, Disgeae 3, White Knight Story, Valkria Chronicles, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, Infamous, Haze, Siren, Socom Confrontation, Singstar

360: Fable 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, Too Human, Gears of War 2, Alone in the Dark, Infinity Undiscovery, Age of Conan, Left 4 Dead, Tales of Vesperia, Banjo 3

PS3 has lil more notable titles, but I think both will have games pushed to 09 (HOPE THEY ARENT)

PS3: Infamous,White Knight Story (Infamous and WKS have WAY too little info to be coming this year)(Although, more WKS info in Japan than NA/EU)
360: Banjo 3(Banjo has just too little info atm), Fable 2 (E3 we will know I bet),Age of Conan (360 version obviously)

MK_Red3911d ago

Well, one heavy hitter is already delayed to 2009 (Killzone 2).
Still, PS3 has MGS4 which is it's biggest gun along with FFXIII but that won't arrived before 2009.

Overall, I still believe that PS3 indeed has the better line-up but NOT much better than 360's. (Fable 2 and Ninja Gaiden 2 are gonna ROCK!)

gunnerforlife3911d ago

ok MK please tell me when has killzone ever been anounced for 2008. please tell me cuz a cant remember

MK_Red3911d ago

You're right. Killzone 2 was announced for 2007, then it was delayed till march 2008 and then till Q4 2008. And now it got delayed. Check the net.
Every site from GameSpot to IGN to CVG is reported that "Killzone 2 is delayed till 2009".

green3911d ago

E3 2007 Phill harrison stated that that they expect it to release sometime early 2008, and that a public beta would happen before that.

solidt123911d ago

Even without Killzone 2 this year the PS3 has a better line up, and the 360 just has Gears 2(which I can't wait to play honestly)

green3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Why does everyone point to only Gears 2 (which is no4 on my most anticipated 360 list)?what about Too Human,Ninja Gaiden2,Left 4 dead,Infinite Undiscovery,Banjo 3,Fable 2 and Halo Wars.Games so far that previews have pointed out to be very good.

There are others like Cry On and tales of Vesperia(Not interested in those anyway), that could be very good games as well.

There are also some unconfirmed titles for 08 but could slip to 09 like Warhound,Dead island,Splinter cell conviction and Alan Wake.

The truth is that since FF13,Killzone 2 and GT5 have all slipped to 09 then both console exclusives are dead even and preference going only too which of the exclusives you prefer.You prefer the PS3 exclusives , i prefer the 360 exclusives (very diverse line up) but just because we prefer one over the other does not make the other worse.

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badkolo3911d ago

he named 3 exclusives for 360 and then named 3 exclusives for the ps3, how isthat the a much better lineup, granted that sony has some other big games coming but so does the 360 even if its less.

they like to mention how one is going to have more or better games in 08, can someone remind both ms and sony that dropping games in the last 4 months of 08 is not technicaly a whole year.