PAL MGS4 limited edition box set confirmed is listing the Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots box set thus confirming the rumours that surfaced yesterday.

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jay23819d ago

I am NOT paying £80 for this!

sonarus3818d ago

lol wouldn't expect you too but i'm sure amazon and a couple of other places will knock about 20 pounds off it

resistance1003818d ago

its a Exclusive, so don't count on that happening.

gunnerforlife3819d ago

thankx but no thankx i think ill jsut setle for the normal game, like i always do:)

resistance1003819d ago

I would Pay £65 tops for that. I will just stick with the standard edition

PirateThom3818d ago

Limited edition - £80
Standard edition - £40
Bluetooth headset - £37

Total - £157

Love me some Metal Gear...

heyheyhey3818d ago

gar might get it since i love MGS, but that is a bit pricey

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The story is too old to be commented.