Drakengard 3 Director Hopes to Make Drakengard 4 on PS4, But Lacks the Money

With Drakengard 3 out in Japan for PS3, and coming to the west this year, many are wondering about the future of the beloved JRPG franchise.

A fan named DragonKiddo actually asked director Taro Yoko on Twitter to make Drakengard 4 for PS4, and Yoko-san responded, stating that there's no lack of will to take up that challenge, but the problem is more practical.

HelpfulGamer3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Drakengard 3 Pre-Render CG Character(as shown in the image above) in RealTime Gameplay!

Sony have been Generous Lately, Sony translated Drakengard 3 into Chinese. Possibilities for more generosity is there.

Plug in Luminous Engine tech on Drakengard 3, and Boom! Awesome Fire Breathing Dragon Cute Girl Flying Action! Plus it helps Kingdom Hearts 3, FFXV development.

Drakengard 3 could be a Great PS4 seller. Greatness Possibilities!

kowan3798d ago

problem is Drakengard is a niche title and doesn't really sell that much. Also the CGI opening in Drakengard 3 is mostly likely outsourced or made by another team in Squeenix(mostly their usual CGI movie team for FF and KH). But I hope it sells well in Japan and I hope Nier's reception helps it as well in the west.

Godmars2903798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

One: It was one thing for them to port the game to China, its another for the West and US. Which I doubt has been announced.

Two: Like with most HD game engines, I have serious doubts that Luminous will be able to handle flight sim mechanics. Since the PS3 and 360, gaming has been largely about first person perspectives and high quality, up close, textures. I just don't see S/E fronting the money for the needed modifications.

HelpfulGamer3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )


Dragenkard 3 is a full mainstream Action-JRPG and sell very much, http://www.4gamer.net/games...

SquareEnix owns Drakengard IP, there won't be any problem if they want to use CGI characters in real-time gameplay.


There's a full-blown DRAGON in SquareEnix's Agni's Philosophy. A hint for Next-Gen Drakengard?

GameEngines have modular design, with module such "game mechanics" and "visual" since the PS2 era. FFXV for example, many of it's game mechanics is as old as the PS2, with visual updated by plugging in Luminous Engine Visual module on to FFXV game engine.

Plus, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition for PS4 is in the making. What other games that SquareEnix have, that they don't want to sell on PS4? SquareEnix probably already taken Fourth Mortgage on their Office to put Kingdom Hearts HD 1.75, 2.75 & FFX/FFX2 Definitive Edition on PS4. XD

Greatness Incoming!

Godmars2903798d ago

"There's a full-blown DRAGON in SquareEnix's Agni's Philosophy. A hint for Next-Gen Drakengard?"

How about a carefully crafted CG cutscene using a uber-end PC?

Likewise as much as you may wish to fawn over Drakengard's CG movie, the truth is the actual game looks like a mid to early build of a PS2 title. It doesn't push the PS3 at all. And while not trying to diss it, if overall its team failed to really utilize that hardware, I have serious doubts that they'll do any better on the PS4.

A Drakengard 4 might look good, but its not going to look as good as D3's CG cutscenes. its just not.

HelpfulGamer3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I never said about Drakengard 4 RealTime Gameplay looking as good as Drakengard 3 CG cutscenes.

Godmars290 assumption successfully failing his disagreement.

If SquareEnix wants to spend everything they have, work hard, diligence, trying to get Drakengard 4 looking near as good as Drakengard 3 CG cutscenes. I have no objection.

More Greatness for the PS4.

Comment underneath,
"Drakengard 3 Pre-Render CG Character(as shown in the image above) in RealTime Gameplay!"

unlike Godmars290 who doubts human's ability to do better.

It is the ability of human to do Better, creates Greatness!

Godmars2903797d ago

"I never said about Drakengard 4 RealTime Gameplay looking as good as Drakengard 3 CG cutscenes."

***"Drakengard 3 Pre-Render CG Character(as shown in the image above) in RealTime Gameplay!"***

Its literally your first comment...

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Relientk773798d ago

Drakengard 4 on PS4?

yes make it happen, get dat funding

Inception3798d ago

Hopefully, Drakengard 3 sell really good both in japan and the west...even though i doubtfull on the western part. But as a fans of Drakengard, surely i will play my part on buying the english ver day 1.

nope1113798d ago

I'm definitely buying Drakengard 3, it looks awesome, but I never played the series before, anyone know if i need to play the previous titles to understand the story?

HellzAssassin3798d ago

Nah, not really. It doesn't look like it has anything to do with the others in the series. Either way, I'd HIGHLY recommend you picking up the original if you're interested in the third. The original is an extremely dark and ****ed up game. Incredible in many aspects, and I'd highly recommend it, as it's one of my favourite games on PS2.

Inception3798d ago

You don't need to play the previous Drakengard. Because Drakengard 3 is the prequel for Drakengard 1 & 2.

tulholdren3798d ago

English version day 1 so that the PS4 can get a number 4 on it.


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CrimsonWing6993d ago

Is Square’s ethics department gonna insert themselves into this one?

CrimsonWing6992d ago

They weren’t around “last time.”

isarai93d ago

Yoko Taro doesn't play that sh!t

93d ago
Dirty_Lemons93d ago

If it can be done right then amazing, yes please. Yoko Taro seems to change it up each time so I'm curious what a 'sequel' really means.

blackblades93d ago

Either way hope he learns and give her more outfits like Stella got.

vTuro2493d ago

On a sidenote assuming this is indeed Nier 3 then I kinda wonder if Yoko Taro will stick to his guns of creating new characters and stories each time, or if he'll continue with 2B & co due to their skyrocketing in popularity. I guess he'll probably do whatever Squeenix pays him to do lol, but I'm hoping for the former. 2B and her gang got a decent enough conclusion (especially for a Yoko game) and I feel like continuing their story would ruin it.

vTuro2493d ago

Actually, now that I think about it, a new Nier game would technically be Nier 4 since the gacha Reincarnation was declared as the sequel to Automata and is therefore Nier 3.

Dirty_Lemons92d ago

Oh man, that game was a slog. Graphics and music were excellent though, and it's nice directly strongly to Automata.

Red3f1ned92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Tifa is a good sign. There's at least some hope, lads.
Just maybe they'll leave things alone.

Plus, like people are saying - Taro don't play that sh*t.


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jznrpg258d ago

I’ll get it on PS5 and see for myself. Huge fan of Nier and Replicant