Shuhei Yoshida: PS4 Pulse Headset Update, HDCP, PS4 Stock, Red/Blue DualShock 4s, DriveClub Release

It may be a new year, but Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios and our Person of 2013, is up to his old self on Twitter, replying to a lot of different people who ask him questions, though those answers aren’t as detailed as you’d probably like. - PSLS

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Hatsune-Miku2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Ps4 is the future and the future is Ps4.

I cant wait for drive club

shu them yoshida, shu the ps4 naysayers like chickens. Ps4 is the best

darthv722718d ago

No offense but that first line sounds awfully familiar. Like I read it about 7 or 8 years ago.

On topic, yeah the PS4 is poised to get some great improvements as time progresses. Improvements to the system software/feature set as well as the games.

Driveclub is what I'm really excited for.

TheGreatGamer2718d ago

Yes, admittedly, anyone who said that first line 7 or 8 years ago was wrong. However, this generation is the generation of Playstation.


zeee2718d ago

I am not into colorful controllers for some reason and neither do I care about the DLNA/MP3 support but I do understand that there are a lot of people waiting for these features/accessories. What I am desperate about is the PS3 Wireless headset support. Seriously, gaming is just not the same without it. I miss it so much!!! I hope we'll get the update in no time!

AngelicIceDiamond2718d ago

@Miku in your opinion.

I don't really disagree entirely of what you said but with a statement like that you will have naysayers.

Imo it should be Gaming is the future and the future is gaming. Gaming as a whole.

XiSasukeUchiha2718d ago

The future is Playstation nation PS4

reddx112718d ago

omg you are ever were you ps4 fanboy i keep following you to see how you live

nutcase132718d ago Show
dantesparda2718d ago

It doesnt even sound like any of that stuff is going to make it into the next update.

itBourne2718d ago

Still doesnt sound like headset support is coming soon.... that is quite ridiculous. Spent $140 on a Sony headset and Sony does not support it.

Seraphemz2718d ago

Its works for the PS3.. So they do support it, it just doesnt work on the PS4..yet

Dont get me wrong though, I have the headset too and I really want to use it on the PS4... so i am a little ticked too

dcj05242718d ago

It works. Use the headphone jack and plug it into the headset (long straight part in headset,right angled end in controller.) Go to Adjust devides and change the headset audio to ALL AUDIO instead of chat. Now turn on the Pulse headset and it should work just like on the PS3 but with out the USB thingy. I used it with BF4,Killzone shadow fal,Resogun and Warframe and it works perfectly. The chat functions work too.

itBourne2718d ago

I dont have the audio jack tho = /, if I did, my audio jack on my controller was dead on arrival with my ps4.

I ignored it because I didnt expect it to take over 2 months for a damn simplistic patch. Support that should of been there at launch.

zeee2718d ago

Quick question, does the PULSE when plugged in the controller produce surround sound? Or is Stereo sound?

_FantasmA_2718d ago

Well aren't you just the center of the world. Its a PS3 headset. Can you use it with your PS3 headset? Yes. Okay then move on already. You can still use the cable to plug in wired. I'm sure you can survive a month or two. Go outside and breath some cold air for once.

bujasem_892717d ago

how good is this headset... honestly, I'm curious because of how much I'm hearing people talk about it

itBourne2717d ago

The headset is awesome man, I do not even have any other audio for my systems (play on monitor), and I use the headset for my PC and PS3, it is comfortable (heard some say its not, I wear a hat 24/7 dunno if that makes a difference), it sounds great, and OMG, The Last of US is ridiculous with the headset and TLOU download, its insane.

I have already waited 2 months almost, Ass hat. Lol, maybe you need to go outside instead of trolling N4G, I havent turned on my system in over a week.

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lolCHILLbro2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Yep just like the PS3 was the future, you gotta root for that underdog lol

PaulFiend2718d ago

"shu the ps4 naysayers like chickens"

Good one! xD

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SonyNGP2718d ago

"Also on the subject of PS4 updates, Shuhei said, “Not yet,” after being asked when the “update for the HDCP thing so we can record” via HDMI would be out."


Ashunderfire862718d ago

Good Read! Shuhei Yoshida, never disappoints, he teases to keep us guessing for more. I can't wait for Driveclub, and Infamous Second Son to arrive. I can't wait for this month to be over also, because this will be the driest month of gaming this year lol! All we are getting is a refurbish Tomb Raider game at the end of the month for $60 bucks! What? Next month we should see Thief and Lego Movie, and more that I didn't mention. March and April will be the Greatness starting with Infamous Second Son, possibly Drive Club(if the Gamestop release date is to be believed 3/3), MLB 14: The Show, Dying Light, and hopefully Outlast and Planetside 2 for PS4 please. Can't wait to see people view the Outlast horror game on Ustream/Twitch!

BattleTorn2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I really wish Planetside 2, Driveclub, or Outlast would surprise us, with a release, in the January drought.

Cause otherwise I'm left buying Tomb Raider :$

Ricegum2718d ago

Yeah, I agree. So far it looks like I'll be relying on my PS3 PS+ through January :/ not like that's really a bad thing anyway.

Jaqen_Hghar2716d ago

A man is still catching up on all his holiday releases so no complaints here. A man still has Ratchet Nexus, the second half of Batman AO (enjoying the hell out of it even more than the other 2), Kingdom Hearts HD (just started 1 before getting distracted), Contrast, AC4, Kingdoms of Amalur, Bioshock Infinite, Brothers, DMC, Binary Domain, Dragon's Dogma, and Borderlands 2 to get through (might not like DD, Binary, DMC, Bros, or Kingdoms but a man got them free on Plus so a man will try them)

dlocsta2718d ago

What he did was not answer one single question. Amazing as always.

koston36472718d ago

the announcement of no news = news

I love it!
Groundbreaking stuff

brettyd2718d ago

Pretty ridiculous the Pulse headset is taking so long to work on ps4. The one they shipped with the system is crap, the Pulse is awesome and i want to use it!

BattleTorn2718d ago

I dropped my default-PS4 mono-bud in a glass of water...

It wasn't plugged in thankfully. So I left it for a few days to dry out, it still works. :P

But, yes it is a lousy headset

imt5582718d ago

PULSE work in full force on PS4. Yes, there is no connection trough USB dongle like on PS3, but connect PULSE with 3.5 mm jack cable on DS4, works like a charm. Bassimpact, mic on party chat, effects for specific situation or music... everything is fine.

iiwii2717d ago

Are you getting the 7.1 surround that way or just stereo sound? That's my question. I only have the original Pulse so I hope they are including it in the driver as well. Don't want to have to drop another $150 for a new headset.

KontryBoy7062718d ago

You can use the Pulse on PS4. I made a video on this a while back

Tru_Blu2717d ago

I can't wait. I've been stuck using cheap headphones so far. It's just not the same with them

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