GTA IV: Biggest entertainment launch of all time

Rockstar game tops $500m in its first week and sells six million copies – beating out Harry Potter, Halo 3 and Pirates Of The Caribbean

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Fishy Fingers3911d ago

Not bad for an 18 certificate game. If this was available to all I expect it would of sold a whole lot me. But then, that wouldn't be GTA.

Britjadg3911d ago

a lot of people have been saying that this is no big deal because gta is multiplat, whereas games like halo were exclusive. while theres a certain amount of truth in that, halo didn't have an 18+ certificate.

congrats R*, GTA rocks. plaaaaaaaayed!

ceedubya93911d ago

Its amazing what a popular multiplatform game release can do! You have to wonder though, if it was timed exclusive to one of this consoles, would it have had the same honor? I think it would have been very close. The popularity and hype surrounding GTA is undeniable.

Aclay3911d ago

That's good. I'm glad that GTA4 beat out that overhyped game Halo 3. GTA4 is a game that actually deserved the hype.

iNcRiMiNaTi3911d ago

still cant believe i bought into that hype. i stood in line in times square for the halo legendary edition. that game eventually got traded in for gta4

i stood in line for gta4 also but this game actually delivers, aside from the retarded spawning the online has. i wanted the limited edition with the duffel bag and case but it was sold looked so cool

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The story is too old to be commented.