Mass Effect DRM goes too far

Pc gamers who have had their fill of online activation headaches with Windows will be pretty miffed to hear the latest anti-piracy scheme being dreamed up by top games publishers.

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TrevorPhillips3817d ago

Ive got mass effect on my xbox 360 and its already giving me headaches with the frame-rate problems and the glitches

green3817d ago

There are a few quick solutions to your problems with your copy of Mass Effect.
Stop playing it,sell it or give it away.

Nadine Coyle3816d ago

mass effect is a very good game. some issues, yes. but i love the story and cant wait to continue the story.

LaChance3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

why dont you just quit playing then ?

rather then getting headaches and stuff why dont you play your PS3 ?

wonder what the answer is ....

Tempist3817d ago

And you know... they wonder why people pirate things. Why not just go back to ye olde days of CD Keys.

I'll feel less inclined to steal if it's sold for a reasonable price, and doesn't have crap like this.

Seriously, you address the reasons why people steal (ie, don't have $60 to shell out on new games all the time) and fix it. (ergo drop the prices)

For all the crap Joe Average gamer had to deal with Crysis's super graphics, it was still affordable.

JoelR3817d ago

My only complaint is ... secuRom - actions are rather bad and have been known to cause lockups with other systems on PCs.

as for: Cutting prices to stop piracy.
1) games cost more so retail price is more. 40-> 60$ is a fair price range now. So saying make em cheaper - means make then smaller less cost intensive to begin with.
People will point out stardock games because they are cheap and have no DRM but they are made cheap and fast (good but with about 1/10 the budget of most PC games now) 1/10 the cost means a lower price point.

People who complain about a contact scheme... hope you don't use Valve for anything.
2) A contact scheme seems fine - it doesn't hurt the consumer and it really is less then what Steam does already (which everyone raves about Oo;;;)

self explanatory
3) Disc codes don't work as everyone shares em on the interweb now.

XP/Vista/Windows Server/Mac OS
4) locked to a machine once installed is not that different than what you get in any Commercial OS now.

in otherwords - this is really not any different than before

Lord Vader3817d ago

Lol, that's why I don't pc game anymore... not worth my money & time...

I'll take the sofa + HDTV + wireless controller any day of the week !

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