Microsoft's spends $280 million on an R&D facility in China

The vole has decided to splash out $280 million on an R &D facility in mainland China, which will be the company's biggest outside the US, to date.

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TrevorPhillips3868d ago

Microsoft stop spending ur money on something thats not important and save it for the xbox 360 which has problems and all kinds of stuff that are important

Montrealien3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

So spending money on a facilty that might help avoid future issues is not important? They are spending plenty and recognizing plenty of issues when it comes to the 360 , imo they are doing plenty concerning the current issues the 360 has and had. A lot more then any other console makers ever did when it came to hardware issue, I'm looking at you Sony!

Saying they need to spend more money on all kinds of problems and all kinds of stuff that is important is a little to vague and general of a complaint, especially since MS has already come out said "F**k! we messed up! sorry, we will spend money on fixing the huge mistake we did and make sure the future machines don't have the same issues"

*runs off to play a little warhawk on my PS3 before work*

PopEmUp3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

A great investment for Microsoft, cause this can be a backup plan for them in both console and media product in which they're trying to reach to the consumers. US alone won't help them to gain the profit that they're looking for, but seeking for place like China seem like to be a great investment than wasting money on the RROD, cause using the 1billion on it still haven't yet solved anything, and there still a big majority of people who owned the 360 having the RROD problem. Although investment is one thing but R&D is a great for company who are planning to extended their company wider, in other word trying to gain the market share over its competitors which will be a great advantage for them

kewlkat0073868d ago

it's like hating for no darn reason.

Good Ms needs to correct the issue of the 360's but you have to start looking ahead, so this RROD issue does not happen again because of manufacturers defaults.

So MS spending this money just means they are serious about correcting the issue, as well as future problems that might arise.

Why everyone wanna turn everything into a negative for MS. They are dammed if they do and dammed if they don't, I guess.

Montrealien3868d ago

I see, you're a troll. ok, I wont play with you no more.

TrevorPhillips3868d ago

i know they think there all smart and that but there not there also stupid in the head

Montrealien3868d ago

Little lack of punctuation, no offence, I just have a hard time understating what you're saying.

BeaArthur3868d ago

Undercover are you going to call anyone stupid with grammar like that?

yanikins1113868d ago

Who'd have thought. Id have done the R&D BEFORE i released my shoddy product onto the market. But thats why i dont run a multi-billion dollar company....

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The story is too old to be commented.