Nintendo Channel Now Available For Wii; Downloadable DS Demos

"The Nintendo Channel allows you to search and review the latest product information on software titles for both Wii and Nintendo DS. Additional features allow you to download demos of DS software to your Nintendo DS, and a polling feature will tabulate user opinions, making it easier to search for games that are best suited for you."

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PS360WII3913d ago

Awesome and about time ^^

ItsDubC3913d ago

This is huge if you have a DS. It's not just 1st-party titles that have demos; Ninja Gaiden DS has a downloadble demo so I'm playing that next (I just downloaded and played the Crossword game demo).

BrotherNick3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Haha wow...that's can purchase games online, and it links you to the retailers :O Maybe this will keep people from gamestop.

TheFreak3913d ago

when is it coming to europe?