Activision and Marvel’s Partnership Comes to an End

UltraUnboxing - The licensing arrangement between Marvel and Activision has ended, triggering the Call of Duty publisher to end all relations with Marvel-based games, according to a record from Previously released Activision games making use of Marvel characters, including the current June 2013 launch Deadpool, have been removed from PSN, XBL, and Steam.

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xHeavYx2115d ago

Makes you wonder how bad the relationship between Marvel and Activision was off they just ended their partnership

jimbobwahey2115d ago

Makes you wonder what happened with Capcom as well, since they've had to pull copies of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 down from online stores as well.

I couldn't care less about Activision losing the license, but the MvC games by Capcom are really good and it's a shame that UMvC3 will probably be the last entry in the franchise.

NewMonday2115d ago

I think from now Disney Interactive will do the publishing, I think they want to use their characters to get a foothold into the video game businesses like Warner did after Batman Arkham.

Baka-akaB2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Capcom could probably still renew it , they are just not ready or in a good shape , and are probably discussing it with a so far greedy Disney that might have plans of their own . The good news is at least , till disney does something stupid like giving xmen rights to Ubisoft or Sega ... MVC could finally get ahold of missing xmen characters in a 4th title

Evilsnuggle2115d ago

Ubisoft to me is the best third party publisher . They have far more integrity than that slime ball crooktivision . Ubisoft make a ton of new IPs watchdogs ,the division ,Child of light and new Rayman games. Ever thing crooktivision does is crap ten million is sequel of that garbage call of duty.

Baka-akaB2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Like you said Ubisoft makes tons of NEW ips . They are worthless when it comes to licensed product , stuff that arent their own .

They've had licenses before , and they never gave it to a good team . They poured out worthless shovelware riding on the popular of said franchises .

Do you guys seriously believe that they'll give the team behind Rayman , Assassin Creed , tom clancy stuff , Splinter cell , The division , The crew , Watch Dogs , something to do with those instead of their own franchises and new ips ?

Just look at their work with Avengers , Hasbro stuff , Avatar , King Kong , Naruto , just mediocrity all around , with the exception of the Tom clancy universe

Gohadouken2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

hum come on ... i doubt anyone is claiming ubisoft is worse than Activision , far from it . But they obviously moved very far away from licensed work , for good reasons after their awful Avatar and their overall failure with Naruto games .

CorndogBurglar2115d ago

This complaint always bothered me. UMvsC3 had plenty of X-Men characters. 7 of the characters were X-Men. Granted I think they should have had Cyclops in there, as he was a classic character from the previous games.

However, it was a MARVEL game, not an X-MEN game. Especially when you consider that not a single Fantastic Four character was in the game, aside from Super Skrull. But i'm sorry, that doesn't make up for not having any of the actual F4 in it.

Joe9132115d ago

I rather see them give the rights to Ubisoft than seeing another MVC game.

Baka-akaB2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )


I never complained about it , i quite liked the cast from MVC3 and UMVC3 . But it was clear some people wanted the old cast from mvc2 on top of the new guys .

Part of the missing were because of licenses , , part were who the dev team wanted in , the last part was what Marvel was willing to give , between their own promotion agendas and wishes .

As for the F4 . They worked on the Human Torch instead of the super Skrull actually . But his character model and constant flame motions caused memory issues , so they scrapped him instead

Mister_Dawg2115d ago

I'd love to see a fighting game between Disney characters and Marvel characters.

Mickey Mouse vs Spiderman.

Yeah. hehehehehehe.

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admiralvic2115d ago

Disney / Marvel are clearly just going in another direction.

Capcom lost the rights, so MvC was pulled.
Konami lost the rights, so Xmen the Arcade game was pulled.
Activision lost the rights, so a bunch of stuff was pulled.

Since the common thread is Disney / Marvel, it's far more likely that they have something else in mind, than Capcom, Konami and Activision having a poor relationship with them.

Deadpool1012115d ago

That's great. Does that mean we can get a Deadpool sequel that doesn't get time and budget cuts half way through production?

ultraunboxing2115d ago

That would be nice, hopefully Marvel finds a better partnership in the near future thought, otherwise their games will come in very, very slow spurts.

barb_wire2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Think about it - Activision had probably known since last year they were going to lose the rights to Marvel properties BUT at the same time If they did't utilise those Marvel properties, they'd have lost the rights immediately.. hence the poor 'Deadpool' game, why spend a fortune developing or trying to develop a AAA game if you already know you're going to lose the rights to the character.

As for the situation itself, this is an ongoing Disney thing, who have in the last few months been very aggressive in trying to get it's Marvel rights back in the house of mouse.. that's why Sony & Fox keep churning out Spider-Man and X-Men movies. If a movie isn't made within a 2yr window (or something similar, had all the details on this last year) the rights go back to Disney, hence the movies coming out on a regular basis.. another X-Men movie has already been announced for 2016 and Sony have filed trademarks for 'The Amazing Spider-Man' 3 & 4 already.

Expect Disney to start doing the same thing with Star Wars and Indiana Jones now that those properties are finally and legally owned by them.

MasterofMagnetism2115d ago

Not too surprising since Activision hasn't really done much with the license over the last few years. I would have liked to see another X-Men Legends instead of that horrible X-Men Destiny game.

ultraunboxing2115d ago

I think Ubisoft would make a great partnership with Marvel on another X-Men Legends game.

Baka-akaB2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

No thanks . Ubisoft's offering for marvel stuff and anything else licensed have been horrible so far . Dont expect any of the good Ubi studios on ips and characters that dont belong to them . Disney better form studios internally or purchase good ones . And then do the occasional deals with the likes of Capcom for established and working franchises

Baka-akaB2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Oh finally glory days ! No more x-men crap from activision , and the hope of better Spideman titles

r212115d ago

They're free! Disney/Marvel, dont mess this up!

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