Eurogamer Hands On: Ninja Gaiden II

Team Ninja main man Tomonobu Itagaki reckons Ninja Gaiden II will be "the world's premier action game", and as hyperbolic as that sounds, there's a good chance it will be. The brand's certainly built on firm foundations - back in March 2004, Tom reckoned the Xbox original was "one of the finest action games ever made". But that was then, and plenty of challengers have come along since that have been even more spectacular - not to mention far more accessible. Ninja Gaiden could give most hardcore gamers a bloody nose at ten paces.

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poos33868d ago

WOWOW THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE AMAZING ACCORDING T THIS EUROGAMER HANDS ON THIS ARTICLES NEEDS TO approved ng2 may get goty after readign thios hands on WOW a game that has 1080p native rez and 60fps i think that a fist on the next gen platform and it coming soo soon on the 360 nice=)