Russia in Videogames - Who's the Real Enemy?

From "PC gamers are no strangers to the idea of war-based entertainment. And while there's nothing wrong with playing and enjoying “war games” of all shapes and sizes, the Russian Federation's recent reaction to games featuring their nation's military – and Company of Heroes 2 in particular – has led many gamers to question the importance of accuracy in games depicting past and present military conflicts."

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NewAgeisHere2854d ago

Well after how Relic portrayed Soviets in COH2 as bloodsucking murderers I'm not surprised. Relic went too far and dishonored the memory of the entire Allied war effort.The story was full of biased cherrypicking of events.Multiplayer however is fun.

Einhert2854d ago

The game is just flat out bad in every respect tbh, it is nothing compared to COH.

Even the graphics were not that impressive.

Death2854d ago

The Russia of today is nothing like the Soviet Union in the 80's. Vladimir Putin actually seems like a great leader from this side of the ocean. I'm old enough that saying something like that feels weird.

nypifisel2854d ago

Well, Putin is a strong leader for sure but he's immensely corrupt, embezzling tax money etc.

NarooN2854d ago

Indeed, their government is slightly better than the USSR-era govt., but not by a huge margin... They're still mega-corrupt.

Venox20082854d ago

it's like saying others are not :)

NarooN2853d ago

I'm not denying other governments suffer corruption. I live in the U.S. and I was well aware of our government's shady past before the whole Snowden whistle-blowing incident. Just about any government out there suffers from corruption to some extent.

JohnnyTower2854d ago

Shouldn't we be taking down the Taliban? Russia wont be a threat until after the Olympics.

NewAgeisHere2854d ago

Russia is not a threat at's being surrounded by Nato bases on all fronts, not to mention the recent Volgograd attacks sponsored by Saudi Arabia and silently supported by USA.

nope1112854d ago

In Russia, games play you!

Venox20082854d ago

I really dont understand, who can laugh by silly jokes like this.. really :)

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