SCEE boss: "You probably will see" PS3 GTA 4 DLC

David Reeves then tells gamers should email Rockstar and ask them what's coming, then doesn't want to comment.

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dale13869d ago

i wish he would come out with dlc is coming but in the form of gta5,reeves loves to tease oh well wait till the next gamers day

TresTrendu3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Take that with a grain of salt. People are still waiting for alot of thing's from sony. But wait i did see some of the DLC for the ps3 it was in form of a CGI trailer that looked nothing like gameplay *cough* RES2 *cough* Motostorm PR* well you get the picture.

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As sony say's next gen doesn't start until they say, or at
least until i buy some HDcable's.

Jeromejones3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

this is off topic and old but soo funny.

Kaz Hirai's reaction to toshiba dropping hd-dvd

Kaz Hirai3869d ago

Ah yes, that was a good day!

36 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


IIamback3869d ago

Is anyone surprised? GTA4 is 2 big of a franchise to just release DLC for one system. They can make way more than 50 million releasing DLC for PS3 lol.
360 DLC is either time exclusive or exclusive 100% but that doesnt mean PS3 is not going to get something. Remmeber GTA4 is here to stay for few years.

dragunrising3869d ago

I forgot the PS3 was the king of downloadable content. How do you know apart from wild speculation? Xbox with their exclusive episodes wont even make 50 million. Also, what part of "50 million dollar exclusive content" means temporary. I'm sorry, you purchased the inferior version on PS3 and aren't guaranteed additional content and support. Its funny that once the decision was made that the PS3 version looked better... the same people who said they didn't care about downloadable content are suddenly interested. I'm laughing at all of you.

justgamez3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

DLC on PSN =
King by quantity? No.
King by quality? Yes.

I have both systems and nothing on XBL compares to the quality of GT5p, Warhawk, Tekken:DR, Star Dust HD and the soon to be released Wipeout HD.

As far as you laughing at us all? (so mature of you btw) I have a very strong feeling that most PS3 owners will be laughing harder, louder and a heck of a lot longer then 360 only owners since the PS3 is built for longevity. How is the Xbox doing compared to the PS2? Exactly. Sony is the tortoise and not the hare.

Why are you even here? You don't appear to me to own a PS3 so why are you passing judgement on a system you have no clue about? Maybe you should go to the open zone to spew your venom.

dragunrising3869d ago

What a bigot you are. Claim you own both consoles and you don't have the LIVE or PSN id to prove it. I have both. You can check my PSN account btw. Also, I was not laughing at everyone, but the graphic whores (who coincidentally were PS3 users)who didn't care about downloadable content pre-IGN review but now DO. Argue with me all you want, I'll beat your logic piece by piece. If you assume I was making fun of you specifically and were (GASP) offended, you should rethink your maturity level junior.

boodybandit3869d ago

justgamez making his gamertag public have to do with what he said? Nothing he said was inflammatory. It is factual to a fault. Sony is built for longevity. Both Nintendo and MS bailed on the last generation early and Sony still supports their PS2 and they supported their original console nearly as long.

The PSN downloadable games are of higher quality then XBL games. That is mostly because MS bottlenecks the size of DLC on XBL. That doesn't take away from it as a fact.

Regardless of you owning both systems or not what you wrote was inflammatory and can easily be taken the wrong way. You have both consoles? Ok. But your avatar and post history suggest you are bias in favor of MS.

As far as maturity? He is showing he has that in spades over you. Sorry.

WacksOnWacksOff3868d ago

Why do Sony fans always bring up longevity as something that makes the PS3 better than the 360? If longevity is so important to you, then why do you have a PS3? You should still be happy with your PS2 if that's the case. Technology changes SO rapidly nowadays, and I want a system that is fairly up-to-date in terms of the latest technology, not an old system. Personally, I'd love to have a new system every 5-6 years so that we've always got a kick-butt system to play on. That's great that Sony plans on supporting its systems for as long as they do, but I would hope that they would still come out with the next PS version sooner rather than later and not drag out its life span. I mean, if Sony came out with the PS4 in 5 years from now, are you saying that you wouldn't want to get it or you wouldn't be happy when you bought it?

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ukilnme3869d ago

If DLC does come to the PS3, I just want to know if it will be free. Same for the 360's DLC.

AngryXbot3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

And RROD 360s are turning in their graves.


Because xbots just dont get it. Its pure money for Rockstar to release DLC once the DLC does not sell on the 360.

Its simply. MS gave them 50 million for content and told them that they can keep the difference between DLC sales and that 50 million.

So if Rockstar sells 10 million DLC, then MS is fked and gets only 10 million back.

Its more profitable for Rockstar to then release DLC on the PS3, Home of GTA4, because PS3 install base is almost as large as 360s but the game sales (of good games) are better on the PS3 than on the 360.

Truplaya3869d ago

Pull your fanboy head out of your ass.

I'll just reply to coms of your comments

And RROD 360s are turning in their graves. - mine has never RROD'd but if it did i'd get it back in 6 days like my brother did.

KILLZONWED. - What? Killzone was average at best, why are you hyped by the sequel (oh, pretty graphics is all you care about, ok)

Because xbots just dont get it. Its pure money for Rockstar to release DLC once the DLC does not sell on the 360. - I'm pretty sure that more DLC has sold on the 360 than the PS3

So if Rockstar sells 10 million DLC, then MS is fked and gets only 10 million back. - EH? Do you know the cost already?

Its more profitable for Rockstar to then release DLC on the PS3, Home of GTA4, because PS3 install base is almost as large as 360s but the game sales (of good games) are better on the PS3 than on the 360.
- If PS3 is home of GTA4 how come the online didnt work on launch?
- If you check anywhere you'll see that the attach rate on the 360 is double that of the PS3, and more consoles are out there.

Sorry to post this but i hate seeing such blind fanboyism going unanswered

- Your friendly neighbourhood spiderpig

AngryXbot3869d ago

Your delusional xbot ass is truly blind.

First you tried to convince us how RROD isn’t really as big a problem as we make it seem to be. And you point at the fact that you never had RROD all your XBOX gaming years.

And then in the next sentence, you say how your brother had RROD but got a replacement within six days. Haha IDIOT, busted.
Stopped reading right there. You try to convince us? YOU who contradict yourself constantly? Lmao you have no creditability at all. Youre just a sore ass xbot.

dan-boy3869d ago

i'll just sum it up for you little moron(and i have the feeling its alexM/zimbo/shadow hearts/sammy_mantra i'm talking to here!)

that 50mil has paid for r* studio time retard....they KEEP THAT FOR THEIR HARDWORK! and the profit they make from downloads they KEEP ASWELL.

my god you are stupid and retarded

what do you think they will do it for free for sony? that they don't want their wages for the months that they are doing it for sony. or their bank managers dont want their mortgage repayments those months either????????????

GOD YOU ARE FVCKING STUPID! i get it, when they are working for sony, they know they are repaying loyalty....and their bank managers know it aswell

Utalkin2me3869d ago

That's funny how the 360 COD4 mappack outsold ps3 mapack like 4:1.

DomUltra3869d ago

Yeah the map pack was also released 4 days before GTA4, what's your point shіt head?

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