European DualShock 3 launch is "imminent", says SCEE president

Speaking to videogaming247 at the SCEE PlayStation Day in London yesterday, SCEE president David Reeves confirmed that DualShock 3 will be launching in Europe very soon.

"The DualShock 3 launch is imminent," he told us in answer to a remark the site made on the fact a Sixaxis is included in the newly-announced European MGS4 bundle.

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heyheyhey3818d ago

wow "imminent"- thats original

someone should seriously ban spokesmen from, well..... speaking to the public (lol)

they say the same thing every time and it gets boring, its like talking to Aibo

its taking them too long IMO- how long can a simple localisation and distribution process take?

i want rumble cake before MGS4 or im going to...... *sigh* file a complaint to a supergiant international corporation who obviously hold my rants in high regard /endsigh

gaffyh3817d ago

Lol yeah, imminent, sounds like they are going to launch a missile attack on Europe.

Britjadg3818d ago

for the amount of time we (europe) have been waiting there better be a bloody good reason for the delay: the controller being made out of solid gold for example.

i really dont understand how it takes them so long to get things out in europe. oh and imminent? IMMINENT? could they be any more vague?

BeaArthur3818d ago

Trust me, you wouldn't want a solid gold controller, that thing would be beyond heavy. You guys are definitely missing out though.

Ali_The_Brit3818d ago

already got mine, from japan :)

Gaara_7243818d ago

coz i sit right next to my tv and it has a huge subwoffer thing on it and u usaly put my feet under that and the vibration goes tro my whole body i know i know there not the same but i think my way is better i get whole body rumble when eva theres a lil bang compaird to a hand/arm rumble

InMyOpinion3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

It's not out in Europe yet? lol!

No worries though, it'll be released sometime in 2009.

DomUltra3817d ago

You retarded? It's a rhetorical question we already know the answer, I'm just guessing you haven't come to terms with your handicap yet.

InMyOpinion3817d ago

The person who's willing to pay for a ten year old feature calls me retarded =)

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