New competition in the handheld market could mean the end to Nintendo's handheld dominance

Nintendo's claim to fame in the handheld market stands on the shoulders of one game, Tetris. While Sega, Nintendo's main competitor at the time, had introduced the more powerful and colorful Gamegear, neither power or graphics could compete with the popularity of Tetris...

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CrazyMystical4554d ago (Edited 4554d ago )

seeing to how the Sony came the closest to ever beating nintendo at their own game (handhelds)

i will have to say the next gen HH-consoles war wont be as easy for nintendo


DR-IVO4554d ago

i have this feeling Microsoft will announce a portable xbox this coming E3. Its been a few years since a new unique portable gaming system has been released.

ItsDubC4554d ago (Edited 4554d ago )

Nintendo's success in the handheld market has continually reinforced the notion that specs do not sell hardware in the gaming industry. History tells us that the console w/ the most advanced hardware is rarely the most successful of its generation.

That being said, the PSP has done very well for itself and has no doubt caught Nintendo's attention. Looking toward the future, Apple is a very real threat in the handheld market not because the company has the ability to create superior hardware, but because it has mass-market appeal greater than that of Nintendo (IMHO). Cell phones are already commonplace and as cell phone hardware advances, there becomes less of a need for a dedicated handheld gaming device to play games. Ironically, the DS w/ its ARM CPU and touchscreen has more in common w/ PDAs and cellphones hardware-wise than w/ consoles.

KeiZka4554d ago

That insinuation is just silly, itsdubc. As some executive on Nokia said about Apple selling quite well for their first iteration to mobile phone market, "So what? We sell the amount they sell in a month in a day". It's quite different over there. Most people just get a phone to speak into, and others to message, and some to listen to music. But to play games? Nah, not really.

The Milkman4554d ago

I dont know it be somethin to have to think about. Maybe new handhelds should support time cards and dialing pads. Or even have it automatically dial numbers by voice? But still keep gaming more primary than just a cell phone.

But they need to make the next handhelds focused on peoples daily lifes more than just gameing entertainment. Which I seen Sony try to do with the PSP some by the GPS feature. Its a clue to what handhelds are starting to direct towards.

Pacifist4554d ago

If handhelds became more focused on people's daily lives then less people would want the handheld for its games and it will affect us when developers make less good games for handhelds.

The Milkman4554d ago (Edited 4554d ago )

Focused more on daily lifes "not" meaning Daily life > Gaming.

Like I said Sony is focusing on more than just gaming on the PSP, Like the GPS and picture taker. Its not like they are forgetting about it as a handheld gaming system. I think people would love having features like that along with the games for the handheld. Its not hurting the developers at all.

Handhelds have a different opportunity than at home consoles. Since you are able to take them to more places. They should take advantage of that by giving you options you dont have at home on the couch.

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