Next-gen FPS Get Even gets new teaser images

The Farm 51 has issued two new teaser images of their in-development FPS for next-gen platforms, Get Even, while emphasising the significance of memories and the sense of confusion and lack of purpose that their loss can entail.

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Homegamer2726d ago

From what I'm hearing about this game it has the potential to be a really good game or a really bad game, enemies can be players that have jumped into the game, same as mind jack and we all know how it turned out, also apparently having memory sequences that can be reminiscent of remember me which was ok but had some flaws that kept it from being really good, overall I really do hope that this game is good because the concept is sound, but putting altogether sounds tricky.

Jughead34162726d ago

Wonder why they don't use Unreal Engine 4, instead of 3.

Homegamer2726d ago

Good question, I think it may be that they are more comfortable with UE3, or it could be that they had already been deep into development when UE4 came out, regardless it doesn't look bad at all and they still have time before it releases to polish it up and refine it to make it an overall better game, only time can tell though

DeadlyFire2726d ago

3 isn't bad really. Any plans for sequels likely would see the improved UE4 if successful.

Let me remind you what the latest build of UE3 is actually capable of doing.

TheRealTedCruz2726d ago

Farm 51 is a pretty solid developer.
Can't say I disliked anything they developed, even Deadfall Adventures that, while certainly not as good as Hell and Damnation, sort of fell in-line with their Necrovision releases - a bit janky, though certainly solid shooters with a nice feel to them.
At the end of the day, if they are to release a shooter I am pretty confident that I will enjoy it.

I want to see more.

AltairvsEzio2726d ago

Since its a next-gen FPS they should use Unreal Engine 4

Whatsupdog2726d ago

They did say they intend to release a teaser trailer and more info on the game later this month; lets hope they do so soon.

The premise sounds interesting, but I want to know more about the gameplay, as I really want it to be more than a standard run-and-shoot.