Difference between PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii is "so little", says SCEE president

Speaking to videogaming247 at the SCEE PlayStation Day yesterday, SCEE president David Reeves said it's "little things like PlayTV" that will swing consumers towards PS3 as the differences between the three major consoles on the market are so slight.

"Just as when you see two top football teams playing, the margin of error [is so small], the difference between Xbox and ourselves and Wii is so little, that you've got to have these little things like PlayTV on PS3 or GoExplore on PSP to make the difference, so the consumer says, 'I'll have that one, please,'" he said.

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heyheyhey3814d ago


this old-timer has got things all wrong

each console is unique and focuses on something different

yes the PS3 and 360 are a little similar, but there are hundreds of little differnces and plenty of big one's too

Phil was cool

kevoncox3814d ago

A ps3 offical finaly says something that makes sense andyou guys can't control your fanboyism long enough to see the larger picture. The average review scores for Ps3/360 games is about a .5 difference or less. Are you seriously telling me they are so different? Wii is a stretch but the ps3 and 360 are almost 1 and the same.

Ps3 gets blu-ray playback and 360 gets movies downloads in hd.
Both have online, while 360 gets the edge. Both systems are similar in game types and graphics.

dan-boy3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

just look at the comments above and below me. at last someone from sony starts admitting that their machine isn't the second coming. and the fanboys on here attack him for it. lol this site gets better and better.

what should he have said i wonder????

heyheyhey3814d ago


if the consoles were the same there would be hardly any fanboys

there are differences all around the block from hardware to media capabilities

the Wii is certainly different while the PS3 and 360 share many similarities- but still focus on a slightly different aspect of gaming

the 360 is more centered towards online gaming and it reflects in the library, while the PS3 is more about epic single-player titles and media

also i presume you own both consoles- if so, then why did you buy both if they were the same?

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Britjadg3814d ago

i actually agree with him. xbox is supposed to be getting a bluray addon option and ps3 is getting XMB. the systems are getting to the stage where they are almost identicle to each other minus a couple things.

where i disagree is that xbox/ps3 is anything like Wii. thats bs. Wii does a great deal of things different, focusing in on its revolutionary controller rather than realism (most notably: graphics).

pp3814d ago

Theres a big difference between xbox360 and ps3
1.xbox360 has games
2.ps3 hardly has any games

PopEmUp3814d ago

1. xbox360 has defective dvd9 and ps3 has blue-ray
2. xbox360 got the RROD and PS3 has cell

JadeTyrant3814d ago

If the 360 has all these games, then why are you in here? All these xboys are always shouting "we have all the games!", but they're always in here commenting, usually on PS3 information. Strange...

AngryXbot3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

There is a big difference between X360 and PS3.

PS3 is futureproof
PS3 exclusives dominate every genre. This gen, even FPS is dominated by the PS3.
PS3 has Blu Ray.
PS3 doesnt have RROD.
PS3 has free online and HOME.
Sony has innovation, Microsoft copies after patent laws allows them to.

dragunrising3814d ago

I think Sony should stick to the FAQ press releases. Its obvious this guy is spoon fed what to say and adds his own spin. I agree that this fool is a downgrade from Phil. Rather than preach similarities, shouldn't you be talking about things like...Home? Oh wait...Home isn't coming out for a long time...darn.

Bullseye3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

and an honest one.Probably not popular with the fan boys,but accurate nonetheless.I have one issue though.He say's it's the little things that make the difference,well if they make that much difference then they're the big things aren't they?

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