TeamXbox: Hail to the Chimp Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Anybody with exposure to Gamecock Media Group's, ahem, marketing plan will surely know that this publisher doesn't just think outside of the box, it pretty much sets it on fire.

To call Gamecock's marketing methodology extreme would be a gross understatement. But we're not complaining; we'll take strippers and barbecue over PR suits and Asian-Fusion apps any day.

Not surprisingly, the title that Gamecock is currently putting much of its kooky marketing muscle into is kooky in its own right. The game's title– Hail to the Chimp– is enough on its own to let gamers know that this one doesn't take itself too seriously. The title also suggests that this one isn't designed solely for the "mature" audience; in both age and mental capacity. These are good things though, as party games work better when the deepest activity needed during play is choosing a pretty piece color."

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