TeamXbox: Top Spin 3 Hands-On Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Man, Pong sure has come a long way. We've gone from a black screen with a white line on it and balls like flying sugarcubes, all the way up to deeply detailed court surfaces, hyper-realistic lighting, real world players and physics that would make Sir Isaac Newton flip his powdered wig.

Now tennis fans, before you start writing me angry letters about why tennis is not Pong (totally different, let's move on), you gotta admit that down deep they have a lot in common. But 2K's upcoming Top Spin 3 is straining that distant cousin-hood to the max by making something more akin to a real tennis simulator. Top Spin 3 is not only a highly accurate visual representation of the sport, it's attempting to do the same thing on the gameplay side. By making a very realistic feeling tennis game with enough granularity of control to play a more complex version of the sport, they're introducing a slightly new way of playing the game. Something with a little more depth than hit it right, hit it left, etc. Pong can do that."

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PoSTedUP3869d ago

hhaaha the ps3 demo looks way better than that. ps3 looks real. i dont hate, i just notice.

3869d ago
dan-boy3869d ago

it's pretty sad when ps3 fanboys have to come in 360 threads and try and trash things....why aren't you playing your "superior" console??

anyway, i'm not really into tennis games. although wii sports tennis is quite fun.