Samsung SpinPoint M6 500GB laptop drive finally on sale... in France

It's almost here...

Samsung's 9.5mm 500GB SpinPoint M6 laptop drive has been hiding, and it turns out that it's just been vacationing in France. No word on when these might make it Stateside, but if you're desperate (or French), your lappy can unbuckle that belt another notch or two for just €197 ($306).

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MorganX3816d ago

I'm itching to buy one of these for my PS3. I'd prefer not to pay $300.

Blackcanary3816d ago

just get a Sata 250 gb or 400gb from ebay

thereapersson3816d ago

It's better than paying 200 dollars for 120gb of space on the 360 that you can't even do anything with except what Microsoft tells you what to do with it.

MorganX3816d ago

I'm interested to see what Sony does with their TV and Movie downloads. They're talking open standards. It will be a huge event if Sony let's you take them to any portable device or to your PC. I won't need to upgreade until Sony has downloadable media content, I have 160G now.

Choice is good.