GameTap: Speed Racer Review

Speed Racer is a decent racing game, but it never gets your adrenaline pumping. Even the movie connection doesn't juice up the show. Also, unlike most racing for Nintendo systems, only two players can race in split screen mode, and there's no online mode at all. Moreover, it's running up against Mario Kart Wii, which is an excellent game in the racing category.

Both games retail for around $49.99 and with Mario Kart offering the Wii wheel as a bundle, Speed just doesn't match up well. If you're a die-hard Speed Racer fan, you might like this game as part of your collection, but if you're hunting for a fresh racing challenge you might want to check out the movie before you play the game for a more satisfying experience.

Pros: Let's you feel the sensation of speed; Car-Fu combat moves are actually kind of cool; easy to drive.

Cons: HUD is hard to comprehend as you're blazing through the track; it's hard to tell who's coming up behind you, tracks feel repetitious, "Car-Fu" is a goofy name for a martial art.

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