Pocket-Lint: Sony PlayTV - First look

Pocket-lint writes: "Attempting to turn the PS3 into more than just a games console, Sony hopes its latest add-on for the console will bring in the TV crowd. But should you grab the popcorn? We got a brief hands-on with PlayTV at Sony's PlayStation Day in London to find out.

The size of two decks of playing cards the small box plugs into your PS3 and your television aerial and gives you PVR functionality all at the touch of a remote.

While you can use your standard dual shock controller, Sony does bundle in a more TV friendly remote, although in use and it still takes a little bit of getting used to, especially if you are used to the Sky Plus remote."

The good: Easy to install, easy to use interface

The bad: No Series link support, no HD support, can't record two programs at once

Verdict: Our play might have only been brief, but on the surface so far, it's not looking positive compared to the set top box competition

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wow4u3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

I already use my TV Tuner card and Radio Tuner Card to record/playback/watch/pause my media on my Xbox 360.

This isnt new at all.

My Xbox 360 is already my DVR front-end. And its awesome.

It doesnt really matter after-all, broadcast is dead, and Digital Distribution is what everyone uses now anyway...

Too little too late Sony.

pwnsause3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

??? you've been trolling lately, tell you what, there is a zone called the open zone, why dont you go there to troll?

kalioon3869d ago

broadcast is dead? then why do you have a tuner card? silly troll!

whoelse3869d ago

Um one of the selling points is that it supports HD!

Britjadg3869d ago

the thing thats gets me about posts like these is that you seemingly dont even have a playstation. you talk about ur 360, which is usually fair play... but this thread isn't even relating to anything microssoft. its not like ur 360 has TV capability in it. so what are you even doing in here you douche? if all you wanna do is flame sony, kindly sod off to the open zone.

on topic: what exactly do they mean my HD support? most television shows arn't shown in HD short of SKY HD channel and i think the BBC have one as well for sports events. is sony really not including HD compatibility?

kalioon3869d ago

not now. no series link? cant record 2 channels at once? no HD support? whats the point? might as well buy a cheapo HDD freeview box........or as im now gonna do, get a freesat box.

If this was available at launch then maybe, but its lacking in major features, turning it from a great idea, into somthing a little lame and useless.

Britjadg3869d ago

i have to say the idea seems a bit pointless, especially as its likely to cost a fair amount of money.

for same price you may as well pick up satellite or that Virgin tele thing. whole concept seems odd to me. its innovative and summit new for a console dont get me wrong but i dont see 90% of ps users being really all that bothered about it

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