New Killzone 2 Footage

Gamersyde have uploaded part 2 of their Killzone 2 gameplay footage from Sony's Gamers Day 2008 event.

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Anything but Cute3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

IGN really got me down with their negative preview.

But according to them it sucks because you have a rechargable life bar, like every other shooter. And one of the guys said a cheesy line.

Condoleezza Rice3815d ago

I don't trust previews,unfinished game+limited play time=Skewed impression

CViper3815d ago

Its not up to the PS3 to entirely reinvent the wheel every time it releases a title. So many other titles get passes for doing the same. Its shocking that people are willing to ignore technological advances is both gameplay and graphics, because it uses a feature that has already been used.

sonarus3815d ago

Alright game looks fantastic that has been established.

AI needs some SERIOUS work. I mean they have to learn to flank and take cover they are simply too easy to take down as it is now

The gun sound. I don't know what it is but i don't think that is how a gun should sound. Would hate to think they spent 60 mill on this game and didn't bother to record actual gun sounds

I have never seen a video taken off screen look so good.

supahbad3815d ago

@1.2=bubbles well put

i agree with sonarus the AI seemed slow, but so did the player

MikeMichaels3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

This is just jaw dropping....the lighting, the animation, the frame rate , the particles!!!!

This is a VFX artists dream game.

What an atmosphere!

I like this vid even more.

EDIT: Oh and don't worry about the AI. It's in good hands my friends cause of this man Thx GAF!

ps3FTW3815d ago

Maybe it's on god mode he seems to not get hurt at all.

games4fun3815d ago

yet a again the game looks awesome

and i agree that the guy sliding around and things of that nature is probably why they are still working on it right now

Time_Is_On_My_Side3815d ago

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) in Halo 3 isn't up to snuff and remember this is a pre-alpha build / code. For a pre-alpha code to look this good things are look very promising.

Software Development Cycle HTML:

hazeblaze3815d ago

Not only that, but one of their complaints was that there wasn't much new as far as gameplay that wasn't any in any of the other good shooters we've played... but as long as the game is as good as those other good shooters, I don't care. All of the other detail they've included would make it good enough to purchase for me.

sonarus3815d ago

Well they really need to ramp the AI up. They have to make seeking cover a necessity and not an option. They need to be more aware of grenades, take cover, they should be aware when you aim at them to shoot at you back. The game is still far away so A.I. will definitely get ramped up but i also hope they put some work in the gun sounds. Its not impressive at all.

Comparing halo 3 AI to KZ2 AI at this stage is silly really

TresTrendu3815d ago

Wow the AI remind's of let's see "Doh which way did he go george".

Jinxstar3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

@ Some one plays

I disagreed with you because I think it is past the "PreAlpha" Stage...

To my knowledge Pre Alpha is basically an engine that works. Alpha is a playable albeit very glitchy version. I would say this game is past that or at least the demo is. The demo they showed is pretty darn close to Beta. It will be changed and tweaked I am sure but from what I can tell... The footage we have is not Pre Alpha by any means...

Edit: Some of the coding I am sure is Pre Alpha maybe the AI and other stuff but for the most part this is what we will be seeing with better AI and maybe a few other tweaks...

Edit 2: Also I have seen a lot of "The making of" Videos on gaming. Alpha means you can go through the levels. It may not be fun and may not be perfect but its "Playable" and thats it. Pre Alpha is not "Playable" its the point of Dev's sitting down and writing the first lines of script to the time someone can play through the first level, May not be fun or pretty but its playable. Then that level is considered Alpha. So what we saw is not Pre Alpha however like I said the coding for AI and such might be...

The Wood3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

bubble up, well said

@Jinxstar, agreed

gonzopia3814d ago

Fantastic looking stuff. Great video. It looks like a sci-fi Call Of Duty... and that's not a bad thing.

@1.5 You nailed it - the textures and lighting effects look staggering. It's tough to make a call on level design or gameplay without actually, well - playing it... but the visuals shown here are simply stunning, and that's a low rez cam.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Pre-alpha is playable the E3 2007 was a pre-alpha build and was playable. With this new demonstration they're using pre-alpha coding just look at the tops of the images I posted.

So more things are going to be implemented but they still have quite a few things to add. Like A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), better textures, frame rate issues, whatever satisfies the developer's version.

So yes the game looks amazing but it is still considered a work in progress. That's what makes this game so amazing at such an early stage looking so amazing. This looks better than Halo 3's final version of the game.

This is a work in progress; a beta stage is when everything is implemented. They are only looking for bugs and will be pretty much a final version. They can test the networks at this point to make them stable for the final release.

I also want to note pre-alpha is made in a short amount of time like the Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer demonstration running on real-time hardware. This is using pre-alpha coding so it isn't made in a short amount of time but still at an early stage.

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pwnmaster30003815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

AI needs improvement but the graphics is so nice and the gameplay looks fun, i dont kno wat ign is complaining about. man this game looks better then any 360/ps3 game, the gun looks better then any 360/ps3 game.

this whole game looks like a cgi and the smokes and explosion is the best ive seen in any video game

pwnsause3815d ago

dont you understand, the media wants to destroy this game, just cause its called "killzone"

pwnmaster30003815d ago

the guy just slides away wen he died at 3:10

poopsack3815d ago

Havent seen it yet but i think i know what your talking about it happened in a e3 gameplay footage. hopefully that only stays in alpha/beta stages.

gonzopia3814d ago

Yeah that was weird. Well, they still have nine months to iron that out. In my experience with beta versions of games, sometimes the biggest and most obvious bugs aren't fixed (though they are aware of them) until weeks or days before shipping the game.

Not being a developer, I have no idea why that is - but I've seen it enough to speculate there must be a reason.

DomUltra3815d ago

Damn, now there's gunk all over my monitor.

Blackcanary3815d ago

damn it made you explode lol

Adriana Lima3815d ago

and i quote, "work in progess - prealpha CODE"