Europe / Others Chart for Week Ending 03rd May 2008

VGChartz releases European/Others data for the week of May 3rd,

Wii 199,895 (-5%) 8,354,820
PS3 197,410 (+89%) 5,402,246
DS 187,184 (-0%) 25,766,727
X360 144,690 (+68%) 6,395,740
PSP 57,872 (-6%) 11,778,706
PS2 46,157 (-0%) 46,914,531

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sonarus3819d ago

lol @ vgchartz claiming ps3 GTA outsold 360 GTA:D

Wii is on fire this week though NA + EU sales alone showing 600 thousand in one week. Thats not normal

ruibing3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

The PS3 is definitely doing a lot better this week than anyone could have predicted. It looks like Pachter's predictions about GTA being more synonymous with the Playstation brand to be correct. Nintendo probably allocated Wiis just for this week to counter the big boosts PS3 and 360 got from GTAIV.

SUP3R3819d ago

Chart-Track already confirmed the PS3 version outsold the 360 version(in the UK at least), but the PS3 is a software seller in EU so it's not unbelievable.

sonarus3819d ago

Yea but i didn't really see PS3 coming ontop in software sales. In the UK, 360 is still ahead of ps3 by at least a million units. I don't think MSoft could have survived GTA4 on ps3 without a price drop

zimbo0073819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

There is no way X360 version of GTA4 would even sell half as mcuh as the PS3 version

since PS3 has a bigger LTD HW in europe

PLUS x360 version wont appear on the topcharts of Germany/spain/france and italy

wow at camouflaged XBOX fanboy sonarus with FAKE PSN id

Someone is TRUELY ABNORMAL to even think that x360 version of a multiplatform game would outsell the PS3 version in europe

PS3 is 500,000 units behind x360 in UK. however it has overtaken x360 by almost double the sales in every eu /pal territory except Australia (trailing by just 50,000 units)

SUP3R3819d ago

but even with that 1million extra in EU and extra 6mill in the US, the total console to software sales for GTAIV were higher on the PS3.

sonarus3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Yea i know. Sucks for microsoft since they don't really have any strong system sellers till Gears. Release dates on too human, left for dead remain sketchy. After NG2 whats the next 360 game with a release date?

Haha i just love when i am confused for a 360 fanboy its hilarious.

To be honest madden, i don't play games. I just try to analyze everything about them in the most quixotic method possible

Maddens Raiders3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Do you actually ever "p-l-a-y" games, or simply try to analyze everything about them in the most quixotic methods possible?

JOLLY13819d ago

You can ask Sonarus that, but you don't ask nasim???

Maddens Raiders3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Ok Sonarus...I get it now. :P If you really don't play then that's sad, but I do believe you have to play something; otherwise it must be a miserable existence to see all of these wonderful games -- only not to play them. Great answer =)


Jolly1 -- Point well taken. All in all I believe that there are people that exist only to talk, cheerlead, analyze games without playing games at all, and that makes for some bland conversations, because you end up talking about things like percentages, figures, dates, and sites without any real talk of ...well.....playing games!

I guess I'm a real oddball because I love to spend hours/days playing games as well as talking about them when I can.

Games first / typing second for Maddens. 8D

edit/ below: So sonarus what games that you used to play are way more impressive than the ones you see today comparitively, and how so?

sonarus3819d ago

I used to play games hours everyday but lately, i am losing interest. Games just don't impress me like they used to. Plus i am busy with school now so don't have that much time to spare playing games.

Off course i play games though...what kind of human being doesn't play games:D

BulletToothtony3819d ago

you have made nothing but stupid freaking ridiculous comments ALL day today..

i agree that everyone it's entitled to their opinion but your opinions today have been so stupid..

i don't have a problem with that but stop freaking rushing to every news to make the first comment specially if you don't have something smart to say..

dan-boy3819d ago

just crawl back under your rock, and never return. man you are the most annoying, and damn rite pathetic creature that i've yet come across on here. just do anything, but remove your fanboy self you little weirdo!!

it's a little strange to see sonarus(who is a ps3 fanboy, just not of zimbos stripe) getting attacked by the other ps3 fanboys...what gives?

anyway, there's no way of knowing anything because VGCHARTZ IS JUST ESTIMATES!!! BUT, LIKE OTHERS AT NOTED BEFORE, THEY ARE ACCURATE WHEN THEY ARE FAVOURABLE TO THE PS3! you lot will cling to anything!

and what is zimbo/alexM/shadow hearts/sammy_mantra raving on about? cant he just have his IP address banned or something?!

sonarus3819d ago

@Bullettoothtony i can post whatever comment i want and you can't stop me:D. Vgchartz pre sales analysis were predicting the 360 would outsell the ps3 not only with software but with hardware due to the 360's lower price but it seems they were wrong at least according to their fake data. I was being sarcastic about it but no one caught the joke apparently but i could care less.

@madden. Very very few games have impressed me enough to hold my interest this gen. Gears of war, Uncharted and warhawk are pretty much the only games that have held my interest. GT5P...maybe a little. Plus like i said i am busy with school so i have stuff to do. Not like i have to force myself to play a game i am not really interested in.

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SUP3R3819d ago

San Andreas appears in the top 50. lol
Guess some of those PS2 owners who aren't in the new-gen are compensating with a GTA fix of some sort.
Also, apart from GTAIV what is going on with 360's sales? Then again it is VGChartz.

ruibing3819d ago

Well, it could also be PS3 owners like me who got re-interested in the early releases in ancticipation. I know I'll probably be grabbing the GTA: The Trilogy and MGS: The Essential Collection along with GTA IV and MGS4, respectively.

SUP3R3819d ago

Cuz I did the same thing prior to launch.

zimbo0073819d ago

I agree

I think PS3 version of GTA4 might have outsold x360 version 2:1 in europe

considering the fact the x360 version probably wont appear on the charts of Spain,italy,france and germany

madness3819d ago

your laughing at the the GTA SA buyers for ps2, one of the largest library of games and arguably the best console of all time?

what about the XBOX purchases?


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Brian52473819d ago

LAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alexM3819d ago

since x360 doesnt exist in europe

PS3 has outsold x360 in europe in terms of LTD HW sales

poor x360 .

everything is over for them

sonarus3819d ago

goodfella don't be silly. Those are 2 weeks worth of sales compared to 1 week.

zimbo0073819d ago

x360 is pretty much dead in europe

even in UK PS3 version had a 45% share out of GTA4's total sales in UK

Not to mention x360 doesnt exist in any other EU territory

PS3 has overtaken x360 in terms of LTD HW sales in europe


MS and x360 are both finished in europe

PStriple7033819d ago

good week for sony and GTA

karlostomy3819d ago


Nasim has a new account!

Welcome Nasim
or should i say: zambrota?
or should i say: schmee
or should i say: doodle
or should i say: tanod
or should i say: alexM
or should i say: jimmy?
or shou... oh for faark's sake...


jkhan3819d ago

PS3 is just less than a million away from 360 consoles count.Plus as I said PS3 will and has moved a lot more consoles than 360 did;) But it did prove me wrong as PS3 GTA4 sold more than the 360 counterpart.

zimbo0073819d ago

Those are just VGCHARTZ numbers ---they have deflated x360 sales by a MILLION

It makes sense since no x360 game ever appears on the charts of Spain,italy,france and germany since x360's bases there are VERY SMALL

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