Nintendo eShop Error Causes Payment to Fail, Card Still Charged

Hardcore Gamer: The past couple of days have been rough for Nintendo.

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ChaosKnight2120d ago

Hopefully they will use the stolen money to fix their crappy online service.

3-4-52119d ago

It's reasons like this why I love that Nintendo will always have physical copies available.

TheLiztress2120d ago

Sounds to me like they need to work out some more kinks. I'm glad I haven't messed with putting any funds on my account lately.

Magic_Missilez2120d ago

Nintendo is very generous when it comes to these disputes. During the Myst fiasco they offered me a refund, even though I purchased a physical copy instead of the digital version. (they aknowledged the Eshop info influenced the sale) In these cases it's highly unlikely that they'd refuse a refund: Even if you do get turned away you can file a claim with the credit card company and most likely get the charges reversed-with additional fees charged back right back to them.

Geobros2120d ago

Yeah, I remember the early price drop of 3DS console and the gifts that nintendo offered to those who bought the console in day-one. I have never seen that but i have never seen an early price drop console too....

Inception2120d ago

Lucky me. I just want to get a $30 eshop card for Ace Attorney. But after seeing this news, i should delay it until nintendo fix their eshop.

admiralvic2120d ago

Giftcards should work fine. The article is talking about credit cards.

Inception2120d ago

Ok, thx for the info admiral :)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2120d ago

site hardcore gamer who have been posting lies about eshop

admiralvic2120d ago

Got some proof to back this statement up?

JohnkyKong2120d ago

Remember that post made by HCG about the eShop turning your Wii U game tablet into an X-ray viewer?

Me neither, but that would have been amazing.

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