Twitch Streamer Trolling Is Getting Out Of Hand


There was a time when the extent of Twitch trolling was sending a pizza to a famous streamer covered in anchovies – we all hate anchovies right? But now people are taking it to new and disturbing heights and it’s spiraling out of control.

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Neoninja2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Had no idea people did that! What kind of bored and insignificant person do you have to be to pull pranks (if they can even be called pranks) like those said in the story?
I just don't get it and I probably never will.

Gazondaily2411d ago

Honestly, that is ridiculous!

Why go to such extreme lengths? Just sad...

Rzep2411d ago

People simply have to report this sort of stuff to the authorities. Thing is, it's not hard to track anyone down. Even a VPN won't hide the person.

Th4Freak2411d ago

An anonymous/private VPN can hide a person. VPN services like BTGuard and NordVPN do not keep logs and they don't keep information about their customers either so its impossible to track them.

pompombrum2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

It's still possible to track people using other means etc however generally speaking, it takes way too much time and resources and is usually reserved for much more serious stuff than stream trolling. I imagine things like this will be tracked down, the feds will want to discourage this sort of thing as quickly as they can, the last thing they want is this group to influence idiotic teenagers to copy them and do the same.

CrossingEden2411d ago

People who spend their time trolling streams or even trolling anything are lowlifes. Period. And the people who do the stuff related to the article are even worse than lowlifes and need to be jailed, period.

pompombrum2411d ago

Wow prank calling Pizzas etc is one thing but wasting valuable police time is definitely taking it too far. Glad it happened to Swifty though if anyone, that manchild does my head in.

feraldrgn2411d ago

That's not trolling, that's just wrong on so many levels.

Hopefully the caller got his comeuppance.

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