Open beta for Resistance 2?

Could Sony's big Christmas FPS be heading for open beta. Gameplayer are reporting that Insomniac heavily hinted in an interview with the site that is on the cards.

"At the PlayStation Day event held this Tuesday in London, Mr. Colin Munson, Lead Designer on Resistance 2, hinted at the strong possibility of an open beta test for the PS3 first-person shooter."

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sonarus3869d ago

Wouldn't be surprised, Maybe that is what the July 08 date is.

BlackIceJoe3869d ago

Well a beta would be great. This way Insomniac can make the 60 player multi-player mode not seem to chaotic. I hope a beta happens because I can't wait to play Resistance 2 and this would be like a sneak peak.

games4fun3869d ago

i would gladly play their game and help them test out the bugs :)

DomUltra3869d ago

While I agree with Beta's, there are way to many retards out there, half of what I was hearing on MGO was "Hey, this plays nothing like CoD4" well... NO fυcken shіt sherlock.

Best advice is just let the in house dev team beta test, or recruit people otherwise the majority of the people in question can't even do what is asked from them, you know the people you wonder about, how they function day to day.

Both wings of the argument undeniably have there screw ups, Xbot's just seem to be a level ahead of the already mentally challenged.

I'd love a beta test, it's good for us, bad for you.

SlappingOysters3869d ago

they will do a Crackdown and bundle it with some terrible seller... like Genji 2 or something

heyheyhey3869d ago

actually the Genji game on PS3 WAS Genji 2

the original was on PS2

they both sucked

it would be cool if they bundled it with Haze or something- that would amke sence

kevin11223869d ago

Hey i enjoyed both genji's.

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The story is too old to be commented.